Adult Education in Akumal

community ed center in Akumal
Located right beside Akumal's Telesecundaria, The Community Education Center is well-worth visiting. This project was developed by TRANSFORMAR EDUCANDO, A.C. with the support of the municipality in Playa del Carmen and also the municipality in Valencia, Spain. It has several classrooms that are providing many workshops and services, mainly to women in the Akumal Community.

The governmental support come from I.E.E.A., the institute for adult education. Adults who, for whatever reason, never learned to read or write, or never finished the elementary or junior high school, or who lost their papers, are taken care of and given a new opportunity.

A key element of the success of this program is a new group of women, organized by Mary Carmen Domani. The group is called Koo Le, which means Mujeres (women) in Maya.

The center celebrated the first graduation of 20 adults, among them Don Jorge and Dona Nelly, who work with me. They proudly finished their junior high school. Unfortunately I was not there but Oscar Constandse, who has been the strongest suporter of both the library and this center, was there and told me how beautiful the whole thing was.


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