Akumal International Artist Residency

Akumal International Artist Residency

Akumal is reopening the artist residency in town. AKUMAL INTERNATIONAL ARTIST RESIDENCY will now be held at the CEA dorms and will be only a 5- or 10-week residency starting in February 2014. Are you an artist? Know one? Please help us spread the word.

An international mix of visual, literary and performing artists including, but not limited to: painters, sculptors, photographers, filmmakers, writers, poets, singers, actors, improvisers, dancers, choreographers, musicians.

Our mission is:
To create a space for visual, literary and performing artists to be inspired by the Mexican Caribbean to imagine and develop worthwhile work in their field, while in conversation with the community of Akumal and neighboring communities about diverse art and ideas, thus creating an environment where each nurtures and learns from the other.

We need your help. We have some first-year start-up costs, not covered by the artists' tuition. Can you help? Jen is accepting cash at the Bakery and I will accept credit through PayPal (kimschultzimprov@gmail.com). We appreciate any support you can give to make this a reality.

Application deadline is NOVEMBER 30, 2013.

For more information please see the website at www.akumalresidency.com or follow us on social media on twitter @akumalresidency or Facebook at AKUMAL INTERNATIONAL ARTIST RESIDENCY.

Many thanks. Direct any questions to residency director Kim Schultz at kimschultz1@gmail.com.

Blog: www.thisauthenticstory.blogspot.com
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Website: www.kimschultz.net
Phone: 646-642-6957
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