Akumal's First Annual Lionfish Tournament

(May 2014)

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The Sponsors and Prizes were donated by:

Budha Gardens Spa
Dive with Natalie and Ivan
Villas Flamingo
Hotel Akumal Caribe
Lol-Ha Restaurant
Sheri Bañuelos
Akumal Dive Center
Los Hijos del Mar
Yal-Ku Kai Condos
T-shirts sponsored by AkumalInvestments

The Lionfish Participants were:

Laura Bush Wolfe
Myrna Bush Betancourt
James E. Fossheim
Natalie Novak Perez
Ivan Mauricio Perez
Jeremy Moore
Jason Sainz Bush
Maria Morales Torres
Diego Ponce de Leon
Jagoba Idigoras
Gynna Sainz Bush
Jose A. Ezquiel Orozco
Adan Reyes Lopez
Leif Tomas Emilsson

The results of the First Annual Akumal LionFish Challenge are :

Prize for largest fish in length at 16.5 cm: Los Asesinos. Team Leader Gynna Akumal
Prize for largest fish in weight at .832 km: Los Eradics Team Leader Jason Sainz
Prize for most fish caught at 69 pieces: Los Asesinos. Team Leader Gynn'AK
Prize for Smallest in weight at .020 kg: Los Asesinos. Team Leader Gynna
Prize for Smallest in length at 4.9cm: Team Zissou! Team leaders Natalie Novak Perez and Ivan Mauricio Perez

Congratulations to all teams!

Total fish caught was 130!
Total weight: 42.086 kg!

Team Lionfish Aquatics with Myrna and Laura Bush and Jim Fossheim as spotter. We caught 23 fish with only two hunters . The largest was .828 km, very close to the largest that won.  That said EVERYONE did a great job!

The event ended with a Lionfish Tasting at Lol-Ha Restaurant.

Visit www.facebook.com/akumallionfishteam to see more information and photos from the first tournament.


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