An Eco-Archaeological Park in Akumal Pueblo

by Leticia Córdova (Feb. 2012)

Yes, we have very interesting ruins, as you probably know, in Akumal Pueblo. But maybe you did not know that INAH, the History and Anthropology Institute, has made studies, cleaning and restoring them, with some people from Akumal, and has commented that those ruins should be conserved, protected and taken care of.

INAH also comments that there has been a lack of support and interest from the community in maintaining the site to keep it free of weeds. The institution also complains about the lack of support from the municipality.

Hekab Be, Biblioteca Frida Kahlo, the Delegación Akumal Pablo Mena, Carlos Meade and Leticia Córdova decided to present a project with all the relevant information of maps from the Urban Development Plan where the legal situation of the land is defined to the Delegado, Melchor, because they also collected about 300 signatures to support the project.

It seems quite probable to change the use of land so that what was going to be a park on the other side of the land becomes urban land and that what was considered on paper to be urban land, but is the archeological site, can become the Eco-Archaeological Park for Akumal Pueblo.

Just think what that can mean to the people, especially the young ones, for their pride, their self esteem, their roots and their love for their town and city. We are sure needing to give that kind of message to our young ones, to contrast the violent message they are receiving otherwise.

The Eco-Archaeological Park would also become a source of certain economy in Akumal Pueblo if tourists start coming to visit the site and walk around Akumalito, to eat there, etc.

This has already been presented to Municipal President Edith Mendoza and to Director of Social Development Javier Marrufo.

This project will surely help unify the community around the Maya ruins, and with good communication and coordination between the people, the authorities and businesses, we can soon see this dream come true.