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Welcome to the monthly newsletter from, your source for news, maps and travel information for the Riviera Maya and Costa Maya. If you have a news item, an event you'd like to promote, an article of interest or a comment to make, please e-mail us at Enjoy!

April 22 is EARTH DAY! Do something kind for our planet.

Sometimes when I am struggling with the next issue of our newsletter, or waiting on last-minute things to be added, I wonder to myself, why am I doing this? Then we get feedback that makes it all worthwhile and the perspective is once again clear! Thanks everyone for your continued support and kind words. Here are just a few of the comments we got last month:

Great newsletter this month! I clicked on so many articles, looked at accommodation specials (Hotel Club Caribe), and even voted for the Peanut Pet Shelter! Lovin' it.

Thank you for all of the information. I have volunteered with Camp Corrazones and the personal rewards are many and great. Watching children with special needs laughing, dancing, singing, playing is such a joy. Also the great work done by Christina and Carrie to include counselors from our poblado, Collegio Aventuras and Playa del Carmen and to be a part of their development and knowledge about helping others and acquiring new friends.
Doe Stowell

A quick note to tell you how much I enjoy receiving this newsletter. I've stayed in these areas during "high" season (February) the last 5 years (including 2010). Continuing to be in the loop about what's happening gets me through until my next visit. All articles and stories are interesting and informative. As a result of your newsletter, my list of must-sees/things-to-do continues to grow until I'm back there again (hopefully July).
Best regards,

Susan McP, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Great Newsletter!!!!!!!!!!
Paul Sánchez-Navarro Russell
Director, Centro Ecológico Akumal

Dear Sac-Be,
Loved the print version and still use old copies for my guests.

Bill Koller, Casa Playa Maya

FYI - What looks great in our stats and numbers is that people on average visit 7 pages when they come and spend time reading your articles. So please be sure to send us your articles, news and stories!!!

What's New

The Akumalian has a great article about the new Tulúm Airport.

A replica of a cross from the 1741 shipwreck "El Matancero" was created by Richard Mazzola of Ak-Nah Galería in Akumal, as a limited edition of 150, to celebrate Akumal's 50th anniversary. Each cross is signed and numbered. The cross is made of 925 silver and has an original green glass bead from the shipwreck set in the center of the cross. The cross can be bought by e-mailing, or in Akumal at the jewelry counter in Super Chomak. Also, from November–April, the cross is sold at Ak-Nah Galería in Akumal.

Bill Koller shared this news with us: "Soliman Bay is cooperating with the Municipality of Tulúm and the new RECYCLING CENTER behind the Municipal offices. They take plastic, paper, cardboard, glass, old tires, refrigerators, your mother-in-law, pretty much anything. We at Casa Playa Maya have been waiting for this for 13 years!"

Balamku Inn in Mahahual

Balamku Inn on the Beach, on the Costa Maya, has been nominated for a World Travel Award in the Leading Green Hotel category, Mexico and Central America region. World Travel Awards was established in 1993 to acknowledge and celebrate excellence in the world's travel and tourism industry. With thousands of votes cast by travel professionals from 183,000 travel agencies in over 160 countries across the globe, winning a World Travel Award has become one of the highest accolades a travel product can receive.

Vegas Night at Lolha

Vegas Night at Lolha – A great time was had by all, and it raised 12,130 pesos for the PBR Scholarship fund! Enough for two kids for one school year! Thanks to everyone, and Charlene and Cheryl for making it happen! Check it out on facebook.

Hotel Akumal Caribe

Hotel Akumal Caribe Sponsor – Special
For a limited time Akumal's signature resort is offering a very special deal! Act now and receive a 30% discount on hotel rooms booked for September and October 2010. Visit our specials page for details of this very significant offer. Be sure to mention you heard about it on

Dive Tip of the Month
Nurse shark tail

Tip – If you do see a squid in the Rivera Maya, stop moving and check above and below it. Most often, squid are found in diagonal lines starting close to the sand or reef and extending into the blue. If you see one, there are often 3 to 20 more shying away. When you move smoothly and don't startle them, they can put on quite a show! Read Squid (Not Just Calamari).

Make every dive count when you Dive with Natalie and Ivan.

Of Special Interest
sunrise over Akumal

My Life in the Pueblo – by Eva Estes – I live in the pueblo of Akumal, which is in the state of Quintana Roo on the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico. I have been given so many luxuries in my life, yet now I live in a small room, in a casita on top of a roof that overlooks the jungle and the little town. If I look to the east I can almost see the beautiful turquoise blue of Akumal Bay.

on the river

Walking in the Footsteps of Michael Piesselby Mari Pintkowski – In 1958, a young graduate student, Michel Peissel, on his way to attend Harvard graduate school of business in the fall, embarked on an adventure that inspired both Wendy and me. Soon discarding his navy blazer and loafers for more practical tropical clothing and sandals, he set out on foot to explore the savage and mostly uninhabited Caribbean shore of the Yucatan, well before it became a tourist destination.


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Just a reminder that in these tough times you should take advantage of as many marketing opportunities as possible, and this is a FREE listing service. Come on Owners!

From Our Facebook Friends
painting by Salvador de Montesinos

Salvador de Montesinos exhibition – For those of you who remember Salvador (Massage by Salvador, in Akumal for 10+ years), you may not know that he is also an extraordinary artist working in oils! He is having an art exhibition in Minneapolis, Minn.

April 2010 - #27  

Community News

kids playing at library in Akumal, Mexico

Hekab Be Biblioteca – One of our devoted supporters, Gary Bemis, has donated a painting for our current fundraiser. For just $25 U.S. you have a chance to win this wonderful piece of art, entitled "Free Will." To purchase a ticket, go to our blog.

Montessori students in Akumal

Akumal Montessori and Adopt-a-Plant – Montessori participates in La Buena Vida and Vista Del Mar's new Adopt-a-Plant Program. La Buena Vida and Vista Del Mar have opened a nursery dedicated to reforesting the local area with indigenous plants.

Here is Yoga in Akumal's April schedule.

Costa Maya
Xcalak Quilt

Xcalak Quilt – from Paula Preston – I am happy to announce the third annual Xcalak quilt has been completed. I was going to put it on Sac-Be and the message boards for silent auction, but an Angel made me such a generous offer, I just had to go for it. The money we made last year went to an outdoor kitchen roof and cement floor at the school for the lunch program. I will see what the school needs at the beginning of the next school year.

Costa Maya Living advertisement

Sac-Be has been supporting Animal and Environmental Causes since the beginning. One reason we stopped the print paper and went online was to help reduce the amount of paper. A statistic that shows up over and over again really points out the reason for spay and neutering, and that is: One female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 dogs in 6 years. One female cat and her offspring can produce 370,000 kittens in 7 years! And remember, the beloved domestic cat is not indigenous to the area, so feral cats affect the local environment. You can make a difference by supporting the groups and organizations we support, and any other in the area.

Peanut Pet Shelter Buy a Brick program

Peanut Pet Shelter – We want to thank all the Sac-Be folks who voted for Peanut Pet Shelter. The shelter has another wonderful new fundraiser. You buy a brick and save a life by helping to build the new clinic.

Peanut Pet Shelter and Paradise Transfers have partnered to offer you this great service from Cancún airport or excursions to the many amazing places here in the Mayan Riveria. Contact them at to book your next transfer. By using this service, you will be helping PPS as a percentage of the fare will be donated to PPS.

Centro Ecológico Akumal has support from far and wide ... Monte Barry is a Casita owner and founding member of CEA! He was a young comedian and entertainer during the last days of the "Borscht Belt." He brings comedy and a cast of entertainers who capture the soul of the fabulous Catskill Mountain hotel shows of the Fifties.

Coco's Cat Rescue has some fantastic NEWS! – "We expect that within the next few months we will be able to open a permanent spay and neuter clinic in Playa del Carmen! This has been our goal since the beginning, and we could not have dreamed that we would be in planning stages of this important project one year after Coco's Cat Rescue was founded." To see what help Coco's needs, read more.

Lucy on beach with dogs

Akumal Rescue Fund – May is adoption month at Rancho Mariposa! Be sure to check out Lucy's Web site and look at photos of all the wonderful dogs waiting for their forever homes. There's also some new information about airline travel to make things easier for you! Help us maintain a healthy fund not only to help the ranch dogs, but to help provide emergency or ongoing veterinary care to ANY dog or cat in need—in the place we all love!

VIDAS will be conducting a spay and neuter clinic in Playa on July 17. They are in urgent need of towels and blankets for this clinic. If you have any that you no longer need, please get in touch.

Calendar of Events

Thursdays through August – Great news for those in Akumal—the Arpason Original Duo is back at Lolha! Bogdan had been touring with Bowfire.

Sundays at 8:30 PM - The Den at John Gray's Place offers live music by Deja Vu, a vocalist and guitarist who perform classic ballads, jazz and light pop. It's a great way to wind down your weekend. And take the kids to Cancún for family time at John Gray's Downtown.

April 2010 - International Sea Turtle Symposium will take place at Goa, India. CEA's Sea Turtle Program will present information on their conservation efforts to protect Akumal's turtles.

November 1-8 - Just Imagine Vacations, Inc and WaterART International are teaming up for their third trip to Akumal for Water Fitness Certification and CEC classes for Fitness Instructors. This year they are offering Basic Instructor Certification, Personal Trainer Certification and Rehabilitation Specialty Certification.

November 1-8 - The WaterART certifications will coincide with the Second Annual Women In Wellness. Here is a look at this year's schedule of events. VIP tickets will be available for all events or you can attend part of the week. Contact Just Imagine Vacations for more information.

November 21 - Second Annual Taste of Playa is scheduled. Mark your calendar; it is going to be delicious.

REMINDER: If you have any events coming up in 2010, please send us the information so we can get it posted on our Events Calendar.

Make your own Special Event any night by having a Romantic Dinner for two on the beach at Lolha.

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