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Welcome to the monthly newsletter from, your source for news, maps and travel information for the Riviera Maya and Costa Maya. After some turbulence, we're looking forward to getting back to our regular monthly email schedule. If have a news item, an event you'd like to promote, an article of interest or a comment to make please email us at Enjoy!

Local News

Tulum - several hotels on Tulum Beach were recently closed by the Mexican government. For details see this MSNBC report. Most properties were open within the week, though a final resolution is still pending.

A Little Local Trivia

It was suggested by one of our readers that we post photos and see who can remember the people, places and time. Each month we will post a photo and see who can figure out where the photo was taken or who the people are. Do you remember these people? Here are two photos, submitted by Judy Withington, of Lol-Ha's staff. How many of these guys do you remember?

Have fun, submit your guesses and we will post them on the sac-be website. Feel free to play along by submitting your photo.

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From Our Archives
Pirates of the Caribbean

Did you know that long before Johnny Depp some natorious and not so well known pirates roamed the coast of Q. Roo? In reality, many of the pirates who navigated the waters just off Quintana Roos shores from as early as the 1600s were men with unlikely backgrounds for the sport they took on.

Of Special Interest

Eco-friendly Cleaning Tips - a compilation of tips put together by CEA, using products that, besides being effective cleaners for the home and office, are environmentally friendly, cheap and easy to acquire - including an eco-friendly shopping list.

Team Work Makes a Difference - For years there have been a number of animal lovers who have volunteered their time to help the poor and homeless cats, dogs and other animals along the Mayan Riviera. What has really made a difference recently is that these people have banned together to share resources and network to make an even bigger impact. These groups are running clinics, helping with adoptions and doing what ever it takes to get the sick and starving animals off the streets and spayed, neutered and vaccinated.

Colonial Valladolid: Real Cultural Treat

When you are planning your visit to the Riviera Maya, you have probably already listed the magnificent white sand beaches of Tulum, the Mayan ruins, the mystic shores in the Sian Kaan Biosphere, the sacred cenotes and underground rivers, and 5th Ave. in Playa Del Carmen. But if you want to add a colonial city to your list and enjoy a refreshing glimpse of another part of the culture of the Yucatan, Valladolid, named for a city in Spain, is only an hour from Tulum.


Sac-be offers free listing of properties along the Riviera Maya. If you would like to have your rental property listed please complete the form on our owner's page. Or, if you are interested in learning more about other advertising opportunities please contact us. The following vacation rental properties were recently listed:

in Puerto Aventuras

Casa Katarina - Real Del Mar condo 302 has 3 luxurious suites and is located right on the beautiful Fatima Bay beach in Puerto Aventuras.

Quinta Luna - magnificent Villa located in the Quinta Luna complex on the northeast side of Puerto Aventuras.

Penthouse Condo - This brand new luxury penthouse is right on the beach. It has a private pool perfect for adults and kids.

Casa Nueva - Just a five-minute walk to the beach and Puerto Aventuras restaurants, shops, and activities.

Casa Kati - This spacious 1000 sq. ft. 2 BR, 2 BA vacation home is located at the brand new Villas Talia complex. A ground floor end unit with a garden view.


La Sirena #4 - a 1st floor, beach front, 2 bedroom condo located 2.2 kilometers from the Akumal arch, close by to Yal ku Lagoon.

La Sirena #18 - Lovely stand-alone, two story villa with shared pool and beach.

August 2008  

Community News

New Video depicts the challenges facing Akumal

CEA is working to protect sea turtles through the creation of a Sea Turtle Refuge, struggling to reduce the water pollution reaching the ocean, learning about coral reaction to and survival of threats, and educating to change human impacts on Paradise.

Please watch this award-winning video done by Sandrah Gurash and Drew Whol and find out how you can help.

Thanks from the CEA Director, Paul Sanchez-Navarro.

Please bring any used batteries that you have to the CEA Center for recycling.

AA meetings are now being held at Hekab Be Biblioteca in Akumal.

Hekab be Biblioteca Update

Summer school and Circus August 7th.

Playa del Carmen

Vidas clinic Playa Del Carmen August 9-12 and Puerto Morelos August 14 & 15. Help is still needed with transportation for the volunteers. Vidas is also looking for volunteers to help in the recovery room. They do not have to be skilled, just administer TLC and clean ears, look for ticks etc.

Adopting Tommy

In the spring of 2007, Andy and Jen, two of the nicest people Ive ever met, were starting a shelter in Playa del Carmen, Mexico...

Adopting Sandy

This is a love story. Its the story of a little Mexican street puppy who stole the hearts of a couple celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary in Playa del Carmen. Its a story that ends in the best anniversary gift a couple could ever ask for Sandy.

Calendar of Events

Mystic music of the Maya by Rey Ortega, Wednesday nights thru Sept. 08 at 7:00 at the CEA Center

Festival Internacional de Cine de Cancun - a Mexican Sundance - November 3-9

Green Home Workshop November 6-8

Playa del Carmen Jazz Festival November 27-29

Group Travel

Group Travel to Akumal and Merida November 2008! New travelers are welcome to join our group.

Join us in Akumal for WaterART Personal Trainer Certification November 6, 2008.

Summers are Spectacular but nothing beats the Sac-Be September Super Savers!!!

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