August 2013 – #65

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Up & Down the Coast

Some of you may be aware that our publisher, Lydia Linton Pontius, was once a documentary producer. She continued to delve into stories, especially educational ones, but moved online. Well, recently a story came along that inspired her so much that she has started pre-production on another documentary. It is about the plight of the lionfish invasion and what can be done about it, told through the story and words of Gynna, The Lionfish Hunter—and owner/chef of Gynn'AK restaurant in Akumal.

We will be sharing more about this great adventure in months to come. At this point in time, Lydia has started researching funding sources, selecting crew, and working on locations and script development. Wish her well; this is a great story that needs to be shared.

lionfish hunting in Mexico

Gynna hunting a lionfish (photographer unknown)

What's New

Reflected in this schedule is a week-by-week look at what Yoga en Akumal is planning. The website will stay current, so please check there for the most accurate class schedules. And don't forget to read The Akumalian to keep up with the latest goings on in Akumal.

Costa Maya Living announces easy-to-obtain financing on any of their exclusive listings of lots in Costa Maya.

Mexico: The (long-term) good-news story - Very interesting and positive, for once, piece from The Globe and Mail

the_beach4_8-13.jpg Honeymoon Riviera - The Beach, Tulum

Why we chose the Riviera Maya for our honeymoon

New Articles is so proud of our contributing writers! We welcome articles on all sorts of topics.

coral_reef_8-13.jpg Caribbean Has Lost 80% of Its Coral Reef Cover in Recent Years

Comprehensive survey of the Caribbean's reefs is expected to act as a warning of problems besetting the world's coral

living_dream1.jpg Living the Dream, Part 1

A day in the life of Tulum B&B operators Lou and Mari Pintkowski

lucy_gallagher3.jpg Meet Lucy Gallagher

Owner of Think Organik Boutique and Spa in Puerto Aventuras

Lionfish Seven Interesting Facts About Invasive Lionfish You Might Not Know

Reposted from World Lionfish Hunters Association

Natalie with Turtle You Can't Breathe Water

3 questions to ask yourself to know if you're not safe while diving

Causes's mission is Promoting and Protecting this piece of Paradise, as we educate people about sustainability. To show we support your willingness to help area organizations, we are continuing to offer 10% of all advertising sales to the organization of your choice on the Yucatan Peninsula!

Vidas Clinic summer 2013

Congratulations to Vidas and all the people and organizations that made the Playa del Carmen clinic such a huge success!

Tierra de Animales fundraising poster

Tierra de Animales still needs your help to hire a full-time vet for their 250 dogs.

kkis1.jpg Keep Kids in School in Playa del Carmen

A group of American and Canadian women dedicate their time to help children stay in school.


Sac-Be offers free listings for properties along the Riviera Maya and Costa Maya. If you would like to have your rental property listed, please complete the form on our owner's page. Or, if you are interested in learning more about other advertising opportunities, please contact us.

farsidebed.jpg Far Side Tara Apartment

Apartment for rent in Rancho San Martin, 3km north of Akumal

playabella_303.jpg Casa Playa Bella Penthouse

Luxurious 2-bedroom unit near beach with private, rooftop pool

far_side_tara1.jpg Far Side Tara Casita

1-bedroom apartment with full kitchen, separate living room, and spacious bathroom near Akumal

Hotel Akumal Caribe

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Mahahual Yoga Retreat

Costa Maya Yoga Mahahual/Mexico is hosting a Yoga Retreat at Balamku Inn on the Beach, just south of Mahahual from September 23–28. Learn more.

Cozumel Scuba Expo
Cozumel Scuba Fest, December 12-15, 2013

Costa Maya Living Tulum Beach house

Pets of the Month


Cotorrita was rescued last year when we took all of the dogs from the Playa del Carmen perrera. She is a very nice and playful girl, approximately 2 years old, medium-sized, about 30-35 pounds. She is always ready to play and smiling; she gets along with everyone and would be a great companion dog for a family with other dogs. Visit Tierra de Animales.


Shayla is a medium terrier mixed dog about 4 years old. She is about 18kg (40 pounds). She is very affectionate, attaching herself to your leg, not wanting you to leave. She is a smart, lovable dog that will be an instant hit in your home. Visit Playa Animal Rescue.


Emma is an adult female, very loving cat! Visit Coco's Cat Rescue to learn more.

Videos of the Month

Gynna belly dancing

Gynna hunts lionfish, cooks them, and then entertains her guests.

Curacao lionfish hunt 2013

Curaçao Lionfish Hunt 2013

Vidas clinic in Puerto Morelos

ViDAS Spay & Neuter Clinic, Puerto Morelos, 2003 – Since we produced this video 10 years ago, ViDAS clinics continue and are breaking records every year. Lesli Groshong of ViDAS says, "Lots of purebred dogs (proof that despite being purebred, owners are willing to s/n). Most of the dogs were really healthy—much different than it was 10 yrs ago."

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