Back in the Water

by Barb Eller (November 2011)
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We are back in Mahahual after a summer working in Ohio. Woke up this morning to blue skies and a beautiful sunrise over the water with palm trees swaying in the breeze. Sure beats looking at a sunrise over a quarry and I haven't seen many palm trees in Ohio either.

Jorge from Mahahual Dive Center called last night and invited me to go diving with him. It's 8:30 a.m. and I am loading my gear up in the car, then Patrick and I are heading into town. This year we are living south of town at kilometer 10.4; we are staying at some friends' apartment that is located in a gated community there.

We head down the beach road, then take a short side road over to the main road into town. The side road has some potholes so I am swaying back and forth trying to miss them, at least the bigger ones. I see something up ahead in the road then, as I slow down, I see a lot of "somethings" in the road. The rancher/farmer who lives on this road lets his animals out each morning to graze along the road. The car is going very slow and we pass horses, ponies, a cow, big goats, little goats, and even some egrets.

There are kids, young goats, lying in the grass and I almost have to come to a complete stop because there is one curled up in the middle of the road. One of the horses stops eating and looks in the car window as if to say, "Got any carrots?" We finally get past without bumping into anyone and continue into town.

We get to the dive shop and meet Jorge's new instructor Moises, from Spain, who will be helping out until January. Since it will be just the three of us and no customers, I know we will be going to some special sites. We get our cameras ready, pack up the tanks and gear, and then head to the boat. Jorge keeps it tied up at the fishermen's dock at the edge of town.

Boat is loaded, gear is set up, and Patrick waves us off as we head