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Barbara Eller

Barbara Eller

I was born and raised in Ohio. Vacations were spent camping throughout the U.S., and so began my love of travel, seeing new places and meeting people. I didn't learn to dive until very late in life and, when I went on my first dive vacation to Utila, Honduras, I found my passion in life.

I was fortunate to get to know two people at my local dive shop in Port Clinton, Ohio who supported and encouraged my interest in diving as I worked my way up to becoming a scuba instructor. During that time I met Patrick, the love of my life, who shares my love of travel and desire to live in Mexico. Patrick doesn't dive but is always there to help carry my gear. He refers to himself as my "tank-totin' cabana boy."

Now that I am retired, we spend six months in Mahahual, Mexico and the summers in Ohio teaching diving. In the coming months I hope to share with you what it is like to live in Mahahual and some of the great people who have become great friends.

Back in the Water - Barb Eller's first dive of the season
Bucito's Underwater Photo Class - Barb Eller, in Mahahual on the Costa Maya, shares her underwater photography class
Carnival in Mahahual, February 2011 - By Barbara Eller
Company Coming (April 2011) - By Barbara Eller
Cooling Off (July 2011) - by Barbara Eller
Cucina Classica on Cozumel - A Taste of Italy by Barbara Eller
Diving Faro Viejo, South of Mahahual - by Barbara Eller
Diving in Mahahual
November 2010
- By Barbara Eller
Diving in the Rain - By Barbara Eller
Hearts Without Borders - Mahahual couple distributes children's clothing, by Barb Eller
I Saved a Life - by Barbara Eller
Let's Go Fishing - Flyfishing in Mahahual, by Barb Eller
Lionfish Hunt - Share an exciting dive with Barb Eller in Mahahual
Lionfish Hunt Festival - Join the Mahahual lionfish hunt with Barb Eller
Lol KaA Hidden Treasure (May 2011) - By Barbara Eller
My Mahahual (March 2011) - By Barbara Eller
Night Dive
December 2010
- Barbara Eller
On the Road Again - Driving from Ohio to Costa Maya by Barb Eller
Reef Preservation in Mahahual - by Barbara Eller
Stand-Up Paddle Boarding in Mahahual - Barb Eller gives it a try on the Costa Maya.
Summer School (September 2011) - How the oceans, the fish, and coral reefs affect our life on land. - by Barb Eller
What Can I Do? (June 2011) - By Barbara Eller

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