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Catherine Burdine

Catherine Burdine

Originally from the beautiful state of Colorado, my husband and I took a big leap a few years ago and relocated to Tulum, Mexico. We are now considered expatriates as we live 11 out of 12 months of the year abroad, purchased a primary residence here, and enjoy foreign-earned income.

It didn't take long to see that quality, international health insurance was a need for us and other expatriates. This is when I went to the Colorado School of Insurance to get my license in Health, Property and Casualty insurance.

My husband and I enjoy helping other adventurous people who work or live in Mexico find the resources they need to make their move easier. Our website, Mexico on My Mind, is a continuous labor of love to do just that. We cover everything from the immigration process, to bringing your car into Mexico, to nationalizing your car, bringing your pets, and much more!

I look forward to being part of this international community and to contribute what I can.


Come to Mexico; It's Actually Good for You! - Written exclusively for Sac-Be by Catherine Burdine

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