Coco's Cat Rescue Program to Help Rescued Cats (May 2011)

We have a new program to help you help the rescued kittens and cats in need.

With over 14,000 cats and kittens on the streets of Playa del Carmen alone, Coco's Cat Rescue is overwhelmed with kittens most of the time. As we do not have a shelter and only have space for 15-20 kittens at any one time, we are almost always full.

Why Coco's Cat Rescue Is Full at Times
Coco's Cat Rescue has very strict quarantine rules. When a new kitten arrives at Coco's Cat Rescue, it must be kept separate from other kittens for at least 15 days; meanwhile the kitten undergoes treatment for parasites and receives its first vaccine. There are also many other contagious conditions like a virus, or skin conditions like ring worm or mange, which require a longer quarantine. We only have two kitten play rooms for healthy kittens and one bathroom for quarantine at Coco's.

We cannot put new kittens with the healthy ones that have already been through quarantine, or we would have a bunch of sick, parasite-infested kittens. Some illnesses are life-threatening and by putting one sick kitten in a room with 10 other healthy ones, we could end up losing them all!

We prefer to have 20 healthy kittens than 50 sick ones, even if this means having to say no to people who ask us to take in more rescued kittens. But please don't forget that we still offer a lot of assistance and support to those we cannot accept at a certain time.

When one kitten gets re-homed, we can then rescue another. We do our best to help as many kittens as possible which is why we want to let everyone know how we can help you, if we are full and can't accept the kittens/cats you have rescued.

This is why we have started this program and hope to be able to help and assist more people to be able to foster and take responsibility for finding homes for the kittens they find or rescue.

How Coco's Can Help You
When kittens cannot be taken in by Coco's due to space being full, we can assist you with these things:
Free spay and neuter
Free first rabies vaccinations
Free deparasite meds
Free general exam for rescued animal with Coco's Vet
Free meds/help if the rescued kitten is injured
Free kitten milk, bottle and a lesson on how to care for younger kittens who cannot eat by themselves

We do not offer vaccinations or general exams for people's pets. This is an agreement we have made with all the local vets who still need to earn a living. This is for rescued kittens only that have not yet been adopted.

We can always help with all of the above for rescued kittens. Sometimes the only thing we can't do is take them in to Coco's Cat Rescue due to lack of space. We then encourage you to make posters for the kittens that you have rescued, advertising that they are healthy, spayed/neutered, and vaccinated. This way we hope it is easier for you to find them homes. We also have a poster template that you are welcome to use.

Why Coco's Is Not a Shelter
Coco's mission is not to be a shelter; we help kittens as space allows and focus on spaying and neutering which addresses the bigger/ongoing problem. There will never be a shelter big enough for all the cats and kittens on the streets, which is why Coco's Cat Rescue chooses not to become a shelter and to focus on spay and neuter. This way we are preventing the problem and, in the long run, preventing the unwanted animals on the streets from being born. When you look at the statistics of how there are over 14,000 cats on the streets in Playa alone, it is crucial that we focus on spay and neuter.

We get phone calls daily asking us to take in more kittens, and a lot of the times we have to say no due to lack of space. But we are able to give advice on what to do and how to do it. Sometimes it is just a lack of knowing what to do when people find a stray on the streets. We also know if a person calls with a homeless kitten or cat that they too have a heart to try to help. We need their help too. The numbers needing help are impossible for Coco's to handle all of them. We are grateful for all the other locals and tourists looking out for the animals.

Coco's Cat Rescue will continue to rescue as many kittens as possible but we do have limitations. We will also continue to focus on spay and neuter.

We ask pet owners to pay 300 pesos to get their cat or dog spayed or neutered to cover costs if they can. However if people cannot afford 300 pesos, any donation helps and, of course, we always offer free spay and neuter for those who cannot afford any donation for both pet dogs and cats.

We also offer free spay and neuter for any rescued dogs and cats too. Please help us spread the word, and this way we can help more animals. Spay and neuter is the only solution!

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