Coco's Cat Rescue Pet ID Program

Coco's Cat Rescue is proud to announce our new Coco's Pet ID Tag program. Effective immediately, every kitten that we re-home will be given a SAFETY snap release collar along with an ID tag bearing Coco's phone number, logo and a unique pet ID number.

Many people in Mexico allow their cats to live both inside and outside. With the kittens having safety collars and tags, if anyone finds a lost kitten, they may simply call Coco's number and give us the ID number. The unique ID number will allow us to tell straight away which kitten it is and to whom it belongs.

Also, it is not uncommon here for people to steal kittens or take them thinking they are in need of rescue because they are outside. Having collars with tags will also prevent this from happening as often.

We recommend that everyone put cat safety collars on their cats if they go outside as we are also working on a big TNR (Trap Neuter & Return) program for feral cats all over Playa del Carmen. If the cats have a collar on we will know not to trap them. The collars are available at the Mundo Animal pet store in Playa. We recommend that you remove the bell as the noise can irritate the cat.

We do our best to ensure that all kittens are re-homed to good, responsible people and spend a lot of time interviewing each person who wishes to adopt. All people who adopt are asked to pay an adoption fee plus fill out an adoption form. This new program will help us ensure that our kittens stay safe in their new homes.

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