Coco's Cat Rescue Vet Sponsorship

We expect that within the next few months we will be able to open a permanent Spay and Neuter clinic in Playa del Carmen! This has been our goal since the beginning, and we could not have dreamed that we would be in planning stages of this important project one year after Coco's Cat Rescue was founded. Very soon we will hire a full-time vet whose skills will be focused on Spay and Neuter, as well as handling the day-to-day medical care of Coco's kittens up for adoption. This is a BIG step for our community and our organization. As we all know, Spay and Neuter is the ONLY solution to animal overpopulation problems.

Here's a chance for you to help:

We need to be able to maintain the vet salary of approximately $1000 US a month. How about helping us by sponsoring the monthly vet salary? Any amount that you can commit to sponsoring monthly will help us to secure our permanent Spay and Neuter clinic. We have already received a commitment of $300 US per month for the vet sponsorship (from a Coco's supporter, Rob Sulzmen!) WOW!.

To complete this part of our project goal, we are reaching out for an additional amount of $700 US in vet sponsorship per month. Any amount you can afford to commit to each month will help make a big difference.

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