Costa Maya Living Opens Second Location

(January 2013)

Costa Maya Living has opened a second location
. This one is at the cruise ship port. This is good news for several reasons:

  • The average number of cruise ship passengers that leave the ship during their stop in Costa Maya is around 2,500. The average number of cruise ships that port here is 2.5 each week. This equates to 6,250 people who can see our listings each week just in the port terminal. 
  • Costa Maya Living has now included all the properties of Costa Maya Real Estate. This is the company that owns the port and all the land around it, including "The Casitas." We now also have access to many more larger, commercial properties to offer as well!
  • Costa Maya Living can now offer FINANCING to all our exclusive listings. Loan qualification is easy and the terms are very competitive. Costa Maya Living is the first and only real estate company in Costa Maya to be able to offer financing to our clients!

And don't forget, they also have Tulum Life.

To learn more, contact them at

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