Think Akumal Bay Has Gotten Too Crowded?

(Jan. 2015)

Laura Bush Wolfe explained on Facebook, "Because Akumal Bay is not Privatized, and never has been, it's where everyone gravitates to and on top of that, there are resident turtles in the bay. Two top reasons to come to Akumal. Centro Ecologico Akumal (CEA) is designing a project to continue to allow the Pueblo to the beach, but to limit the commercial tours. It has been met with resistance but it's been the only solution we have had until the government steps in."

She goes on to explain, "All your letters are valuable. Mexico lives off of tourism revenue and the Tourism Council of Quintana Roo, Tulum Municipality will look at these comments and realize how important it is for them to step up and help us get the regulations approved."

We asked what kind of letters could be written to the Tourism Council and where would we send them. Laura replied, "I think any type of letter will help. Speak from the heart about what you see in the Bay and how it is affecting Akumal. How important it is to set limits. The turtles are suffering and it's evident that we are in a critical situation and regulation has to come from the authorities. Whoever feels confident that a letter from them, along with the lobbying we have been doing non-stop, and the help of the tourism board will help drive the message home, please send to: That is the quickest way to have them get here.

Everyone is on vacation in government during the holidays. January would be the time to hand-deliver the package to Semarnat/Vida Silvestre. Thank you."

So wonít you, instead of just complaining and pointing fingers, PLEASE take a minute to write a letter. If you want to share the letter you wrote to inspire others, we will be glad to share it through Sac-Be, if you send a copy to

Letís all make an effort in 2015 to be part of the solution!!! We will keep you posted, as there may be a petition coming soon for you to sign.

Here is the letter I wrote, for those who would like a guideline:

I first came to Akumal in 1999 and fell in love with it and because of that we started a business that helps to support the Riviera Maya and encourage others to promote and protect it. I travel to the area often spending no less than 3 weeks a year and many years much more, but more importantly I encourage our readers to do the same. I am a travel writer and write about the beauty, culture, hotels and food in the area. The influx of tourists coming as day-trippers to Akumal Bay, over the last few years, I find disturbing and very short-sighted.

What amazes me about most people who live, own second homes and are repeat visitors to Akumal is their love and generosity. They support the local economies, help with environmental causes, animal protection, education and more. If those people stop coming the effects will be far reaching! And what will be sadder is that their $$ will go with them and other areas will benefit.

We hope you, the Tourism Council of Quintana Roo, Tulum Municipality will be pro-active in protecting this unique and very special national treasure! Please limit the number of tour groups passing through before it is too late! I think this is a situation that needs immediate attention as the growth is out of control and this fragile bay cannot sustain it.

Lydia Linton Pontius

Guillermo photo Akumal Beach