Deep Sea Fishing with Cueva del Pescador

fishing off the Riviera Maya coast
Touted as the greatest fishing month in the Riviera Maya, May is the ideal time to take a trip out and test your strength against some of the fiercest fighters in the sea. As a prelude to all of this excitement, Sac-Be took a trip with the Carlos, from La Cueva del Pescador. He and his brother Edgar (a.k.a. Gordo) have been fishing these waters for well over the last decade and were eager to kick off the season a little early with us!

We arrived at La Cueva at about 9:00 a.m., and everything was already prepared. We were escorted to a boat where tackle, bait, and a cooler with soft drinks and water had been stashed neatly aboard. If you would like a few cervezas while out on the water, you are welcome to B.Y.O.B. and a cooler can be provided.

Since I am extremely new to this whole ‘fishing-thing’, Carlos took a bit of time to explain to me what I could expect. He touched on how the poles work, what an outrigger and a downrigger were and their functions, what sort of bait we would use, and what to do when and if I landed a fish. I have to admit, the prospect of fighting - using a pole and a reel - against a swimming muscle-bound animal in its own environment, was a bit enticing!

After our briefing, we were off. We motored out of the cut and began looking for the tell-tale signs of fish. Carlos pointed to a bird way off in the distance that was diving into the water. This frigate was hunting the same sorts of fish we were seeking, so as we got into deeper water, we caste all the lines and cruised in the diving bird’s direction. It was an extraordinarily glorious day to be out in a boat: flat, clam, clear and sunny… absolutely perfect!

fishing off the Riviera Maya coast
We devoured the stories Carlos told of past battles fought between man and fish upon the very panga boat in which we were riding… epic adventures detailing the gruesome hours of struggle and strain, where the only factor attributing to a WIN was who had more p