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Denise Roper

I was an award winning TV producer/director for commercials and documentaries and have been in and out of the marketing/advertising fields for over 20 years. Then my life took a turn, I moved from Michigan to Memphis and started handling working dogs: border collies to be exact. I have four of them and we field trial on sheep and cattle. So after life in the fast lane of fashion and automobiles - and weeks spent each year in our most famous big cities I became ad director for a book store chain and turned into a weekend stockgirl ( as in dogs trialling on stock) so to speak. My first trip to Mexico was in 1969 and I have been going back ever since, always searching out the unknown and more remote.

I felt that if I wanted Disney World, I would go back to Disney World. It may be near the same 'ocean' but it's NOT the same in spirit. Either the people, the food, the surrounding OR the ocean. Which is my big thing. And the local food. I have a pool in my backyard so that's not a draw - the waves and snorkeling and diving are. And the amalgam of people you meet from different countries. The more remote you go, the more Europeans you will meet. They buy vans at the border, travel during European holiday months and then sell it before they leave. Everywhere we went, if it was out of the way, they were there and it was wonderful to converse in my broken French and Spanish to new people.

I was forced by evil nuns with rulers hidden in their habits to read, write and speak Latin for 12 years so it helps in figuring out the romance languages only sometimes I"ll find myself drifting from one to another and saying "merci" to a Mayan waiter.

I've been back about 8 or 10 times and each to a different location, always trying to get further from the crowds. Because they are moving in fast. Thank God Mayan construction workers take very long siestas and construction seems to be slow. The HWY was still being worked on ten years ago, just as it was 25 years ago.

I've always wanted to move there but couldn't figure out how. Maybe on my next visit, soon,