Dive with Natalie and Ivan and a Friend from Canada, March 2009

In March, Ivan and I went diving with a friend from my home town, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. I love diving in Akumal with people form colder places.. It was a cloudy day and it almost seemed chilly to Ivan and I with the temperature in the low 70‘s. But we did not care, the three of us road out to a dive sight named xak. That day it was just the captain and us in the boat.

We jumped in the water and started our decent together. We drifted down gently through the blue, and at 75 feet, we stopped descending and hovered just over the ridge or a coral covered slope. Drifting across cracks and canyons in the reef we came upon some ocean trigger fish. I love to watch them swim. Trigger fish swim with a fin on their back (dorsal fin) and a fin on their belly. They almost seem to scoot through the water.  Ian took a picture of one of the trigger fish and then we turned and slowly coasted up the gentle slope of the reef.

At about 60 feet of depth we found a large hawksbill turtle bumbling along looking for a snack. He eyed us for a second almost posing for his picture, then returned to his search for brunch.

After 50 minutes under water, Ivan and I were searching under every overhang for eels, lobster, and sleeping nurse sharks. Ivan and I were 15 feet apart and our friend, Ian was between and slightly above us. We were about to end the dive, when Ian started joyfully humming through his regulator. Ivan and I turned to look at Ian, and between the three of us was a very surprised nurse shark! The shark had been moseying down a canyon and had not seen us either. Once we turned towards the shark, it turned away, and lazily soared back down a canyon. When a shark swims it uses minimal effort. The shark’s body looks as though it is barely moving, but no matter how fast we swim, they still disappear into the distance in seconds. Watching this marvel of engineering move through the water was mesmerizing!

This was Ian's first sighting of a shark in the wild. Ian has been boycotting restaurants that serve shark fin soup for years out of his love for sharks. Ivan and I are so happy that our friend Ian could finally see one of these incredible animals in the wild!

Tip- This dive was a drift dive, which means that our divers drift with the current through our their entire dive. Our boat drops us off, follows us, and picks us up when we are done. In many places, divers must swim back to a parked boat or shore. This is not the case in Akumal. We do not need to waste our air and dive time swimming against the current. Why fight the water when you can drift!

Make every dive count!


natalie and ivan
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