Dreams for Mayan Children

Founded in 2007, after taking the journey of a lifetime into the mysterious and amazing lifestyle of the indigenous people in The Yucatan Peninsula that includes the states of Quintana Roo, Campeche and Yucatan.


Visiting this part of the country I was fortunate enough to experience the humble and simple lifestyle of the Mayan people. Their belief in the gods and spirits of their ancestors is held deep in their hearts. The dense rainforest is alive with deer, monkeys, jaguars, snakes and tarantulas . The Mayan ruins and cenotes (natural wells) represent “ The heart of the Mayan world “ .


After spending several weeks with the Mayan people and children, is when I realized what my mission was. I was fortunate enough to have visited several Mayan villages some are located deep in the jungle, where you feel you have left the 20th century behind. Their homes made of wooden poles or stone and the roof is covered with palm branches.


The children have a special place in my Heart, the shine and excitement in their eyes to hear their laughter is what brings such joy to me! In our everyday busy lives there is so much we take for granted. I’ve decided to start this foundation to help make a child’s dream come true. You may ask, what dream would that be? An Education.




Dream for Mayan Children will provide programs to help children receive an education. In this part of the country an education Is not free the Goverment builds the school and it is up to the parents and teachers to raise funds for supplies needed in thier classrooms. This year 50 - 80 children will recieve thier own backpack filled with school supplies.   Two schoolsl one in Tulum and the other in Coba, both in desprate need of supplies, will recieve materials to be used in there classrom throught out the year. My programs along with your kind and generous contributions will help provide these basic necessities and make a dream come true for a child.....


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