Eco Facts and Tips

Eco Facts and Tips compliments of Hacienda Tres Rios, an eco-friendly, luxurious, all-inclusive resort just north of Playa De Carmen.

Here are some ways you can help, no matter where you are staying. Join in the efforts to reduce energy and water consumption:

Turn off the lights you are not actively using. The more you turn on the more energy you use.

Turn off the lights when you leave the room. In case you forget the movement sensors at this resort will automatically do it for you.

Open the curtains during the day to use natural light instead of artificial.

However if you are going outside please close the curtains partially to help keep the head from entering the room.

Run the air-conditioning temperature up so it does not over-cool the room. They recommend a temperature of around 74 degree F. 23 degrees C. each degree Fahrenheit can reduce energy use by 3-5%.

Disconnect equipment chargers when not in use (cell phone, computers, video games, etc.)

Use bicycles and electric carts at the hotel. Or walk.

Do request clean towels and bedsheets daily.

Take shorter showers. A 5 minute shower normally uses 50 gallons of water, while a 3 minute uses 20 gallons.

Use the duel flush toilet accordingly this can reduce your water usage by 30-50%

Shut off the shower while you apply soap and shampoo. This can cut in half the water you are using to take a shower.

Shut off the faucet while you brush your teeth. This can cut in half the water you use.

Shut of the water faucet while you shave. This can cut in half the water you use.

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