Enjoy a beach day at Casa Cenote

beach at Casa Cenote on the Riviera Maya
The Riviera Maya is the chosen destination for many families wanting to enjoy a vacation together, and Sac-Be tries to take the opportunity to tell our readers about excellent beach opportunities for the whole bunch. I figured, if your family is anything like mine, there are so many different interests among the group, it is hard to get them all met.

From a snorkel-and-dive-crazy father to a mother who would rather spend her vacation relaxing, reading, and sipping on a margarita under a palm tree, I kept these elements in mind when considering what sort of location I ought to let people know about, if they donít already! I wanted a place where there is sand for playing, the snorkeling is divine, a restaurant is located on site, and the bar drinks are just an order away. So, I take you to the beaches of Tankah. Situated atop an outstanding geological phenomenon, Casa Cenote is a place that can meet all of your beach needs.

beach at Casa Cenote on the Riviera Maya
Directly in front of the enormous beachfront palapa restaurant lie the brilliant blue waters of the Caribbean Sea rimmed with a strip of white sand and palm trees. What sets this particular spot aside from any other is the ĎOjo del Marí (Eye of the Sea) located just off shore. Casa Cenote gets its name from the fact it is nestled right between the ocean and the emerald green gem of Cenote Manatee. The restaurant actually sits atop a cave joining the two together, and the Ojo del Mar is an enormous opening in the bay leading down into the cave providing an exquisite opportunity to snorkel in a mainly salt-water environment that receives incredible fresh water flow depending on the tide. Be prepared to witness a spectacle of several huge schools of fish gathering in the fresh water outflow. Also, since manatees require fresh water for drinking, there have been sightings of these peaceful marine mammals in front of Casa Cenote.

And, since snorkeling can often leave yo