Environmental Causes

The Yucatan is a karst, limestone terrain that in its nature is extremely fragile.  It is unique with its underground rivers, cenotes and the second longest coral reef.  What goes into the ground filters straight into the water system which is just one reason we must be diligent about protecting it.  That and the many animals and plants that inhabit this area.

Turtle Laying Her Eggs 2012 Sea Turtle Nesting Season Approaches

CEA provides info and tips

turtles1_7-14.jpg A Day in the Life of a Tortuguero in Akumal

CEA volunteer Tom Cochran describes sea turtle conservation work.

Marcia Bales A Turtle Rescue April 2009

Marcia saves a small turtle at Mayan Beach Garden

coral_1-14.jpg Adventure Akumal Science Diver Package: Phase 1 January 2014

Wonderful project to rebuild the coral; everyone can help

baby_turtles-mkinnon.jpg Akumal Sea Turtles Followed in New Eco Project

CEA is tagging juvenile and sub-adult green sea turtles.

coral_reef_8-13.jpg Caribbean Has Lost 80% of Its Coral Reef Cover in Recent Years

Comprehensive survey of the Caribbean's reefs is expected to act as a warning of problems besetting the world's coral

peanut shelter Causes Worth Visiting, August 2009

Several great places to visit and lend a helping hand while on vacation.

Christmas and Chanukah with a Cause ...

Give gifts that make a difference.

sac-be eco-symbol Constructed Wetlands Eco-Corner Introduction

Clarifying what ecological terms mean and what we can do to help

David Nunez Book cover Education for Conservation in the Riviera Maya

Campaign for tourists and local youth

Happy Holidays from the CEA Director

Centro Ecologico Akumal December 2012

International Airport vs. Fast, Sexy Train

A better transport system for all, by Nancy DeRosa

lionfish2-nat.jpg Lionfish Huntress Documentary Become a Sponsor

Be a part of this great project and be a part of the team

Barbara Eller Reef Preservation in Mahahual

by Barbara Eller

Whale Daddy Save the Whale Sharks

Whale Shark Conservation Society

science_diver_2-14.jpg Science Diver Package at Hotel Akumal Caribe

Work and vacation at the same time.

Lionfish Seven Interesting Facts About Invasive Lionfish You Might Not Know

Reposted from World Lionfish Hunters Association

Paul Sanchez-Navarro Too Much Snorkeling Damaging Akumal Bay

Efforts to reduce current degradation of the bay

Tulum to Get Recycling Center

See what this small group of people is doing.

v24_cea_thumb.jpg Turtle Season Is Here!

It is nesting season for sea turtles at area beaches.

Tom Cochran hatchlings Turtle Season Is Upon Us!

by Tom Cochran

Turtle Walks and Turtle Talks at CEA

September 2009

CEA Volunteer Oct 14 Volunteers Needed for Turtle Festival

October 2014

World Oceans Day June 8

Check back for local activities.

Lydia Pontius hybiscus

Lydia Pontius hybiscus

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