Quintana Roo Equestrians Fill the Winners Circle at the 20th Annual Merida International

Club Hipico del Sureste Welcomes 110 riders from México, Canada and the United States

by Michele Kinnon
Playa del Carmen, Mexico – March 12, 2012 – Quintana Roo's best amateur equestrians certainly brought their "A Circuit" game last weekend at the 20th Annual Mérida International Invitational held at the beautiful facilities of the Club Hipico del Sureste (CHDS). March 2–4, 2012. Jumpers from each of the state's finest equestrian clubs left nothing on the table in this exciting three-day meet that drew 110 riders from México, the United States and Canada.

Competition commenced on Friday evening, under the lights, with an exciting round known only as "The Joker." In this test of speed and agility, riders and their mounts are asked to navigate a circuit of jumps in the order of their choice. Each obstacle holds a different point value and the riders have one minute in which to clear as many jumps as they can. At the end of their course, the judges ask the rider if he/she would like to attempt "The Joker," a jump significantly higher than the rest of the field carrying a high point value. If the attempt is successful, these points are added to the score. If the rider drops a bar or the horse refuses, those points are stripped from their total. The team that clears the course with the highest number of points, within the allotted time, is the winner. Equestrians from Quintana Roo handily took home first and second place in each of the three height categories!  Ivan Arcila (above left)

Saturday and Sunday riders of all ability levels, beginner to advanced, gave it their all over jumps from 40 cm. to 1.20 meters, thrilling the spectators and sponsors who have come to look forward to this event, year after year. The three-day event culminated in an emotional awards ceremony in which the top riders were presented with their trophies and other prizes provided by the event sponsors, Hamacas Azul Celeste, Productos Ecuestres del Sureste, Vinos Casa Mozarrello and EIKIShow.com, among others.

When the points were tallied for the three days of competition, equestrians from Quintana Roo were well represented in the circle of Champions. Cole Kinnon, riding for Hipico Playa del Carmen, earned the top position in 60 cm. In 80 cm. Iker Munoz Salas, riding for CYSE in Puerto Aventuras, took home the cup for 1st place with Jazmine Wedge of Hipico Los Corceles in Puerto Aventuras in 3rd place overall. Mariana Graniel earned 2nd place in the category of 90 cm. riding for CYSA. Quintana Roo swept the 1 mt. category. Instituto Ecuestre Nacional's own Tanimara Macari triumphed taking home the Champion and Sub-Champion cups for her efforts with Jimmy Vazquez of Centro Ecuestre del Caribe Cancun bringing home 3rd place. In 1.10 mt., Mara Wills and Ivan Arcila came out on top for the weekend, taking home 1st and 2nd respectively, both representing Hipico Los Corceles.  Euge Hernandez (above right)

Cole Kinnon, Mariana Graniel, Iker Munoz Salas, Jazmine Wedge, Mara Wills, Ivan Arcila, Tanimara Macari pictured at end of article

Congratulations to all the riders, trainers and horses who participated in this wonderful event and many thanks to our equestrian friends in Mérida for welcoming us and continuing this great tradition. We look forward to next year!

20th Annual Mérida International Invitational – Final Results

JOKER 60/80 CM                                              

1st JAZMIN WEDGE – Hipico Los Corceles, Puerto Aventuras                             
2nd VALERIA CAPACETA  - Hipico Playa del Carmen             
3rd ALESSANDRA GUILLEN  - Hipica Rodriguez, Mérida   

JOKER 90/1.00 MT

1st TANIMARA MACARI – Instituto Ecuestre Nacional, Cancún             
2nd CINTHIA SALAS – CYSA, Puerto Aventuras                       
3rd RODRIGO ALVAREZ  - Club Hipico del Sureste, Mérida                                            

JOKER 1.10/1.20 MTS

1st IVAN ARCILA – Hipico Los Corceles, Puerto Aventuras                              
2nd MARA WILLS – Hipico Los Corceles, Puerto Aventuras                           
3rd LEOPOLDINA CASTRO - Club Hipico del Sureste, Mérida                                     

BARRAS EN EL PISO                                                                       

1st ANA ICAZA  - Champion – Club Hipico del Sureste, Mérida                  
2nd OVIDIO JASSO  - Club Hipico del Sureste, Mérida                                                 
3rd MONICA LUBKE  - Hipica Rodriguez, Mérida   

40 CMS

1st FERNANDA CASTILLO  - Champion - Club Hipico del Sureste, Mérida                   
2nd COSETTE BRULE - Club Hipico del Sureste, Mérida                                                 
3rd MONSERRAT PEÑA  – Hipica Rodriguez, Mérida

60 CMS                                                            

1st COLE KINNON  - Champion – Hipico Playa del Carmen                                
2nd KATERINE AMBROSIO  - Club Hipico del Sureste, Mérida                                       
3rd PATRICIA CAMPOS – Club Ecuestre de Yucatán             

80 CMS

1st IKER MUÑOS SALAS  - Champion – CYSA, Puerto Aventuras                           
2nd PATRICIA CAMPOS  – Club Ecuestre de Yucatán             
3rd JAZMIN WEDGE – Hipico Los Corceles, Puerto Aventuras                             

90 CMS

1st MONSERRAT RIVAS  - Champion - Club Ecuestre de Yucatán    
2nd MARIANA GRANIEL – CYSA, Puerto Aventuras              
3rd CARLOS PEREZ - Club Hipico del Sureste, Mérida                                          


1st TANIMARA MACARI   - Champion – Instituto Ecuestre Nacional, Cancún                        
2nd TANIMARA MACARI  - Instituto Ecuestre National, Cancún                       
3rd JIMMY VAZQUEZ  - Centro Ecuestre del Caribe, Cancún          

1.10 MTS

1st MARA WILLS  - Champion – Hipico Los Corceles, Puerto Aventuras
2nd IVAN ARCILA – Hipico Los Corceles, Puerto Aventuras                                                             
3rd CECILIA RODRIGUEZ –  México, DF      

1.20 MTS                                                        

1st LEOPOLDINA CASTRO  - Champion  - Club Hipico del Sureste, Mérida  

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