February Visit to Tierra de Animales

by Jan Walkeden (March 2013)

My most recent visit to Tierra de Animales was very special for me. Not only was I bringing three new friends with me to see all the wonderful progress happening at TdA, but I had a very special plaque to be put up! I have always had dogs in my life; I think I get my love of animals from my mother. Could it be hereditary? ;) When my mother passed away over a year ago, I sent a somewhat large donation to Tierra de Animales in memory of my mother, and asked that it be impactful in some way. The money was used to help complete the quarantine area, and to purchase supplies. Also in her honour, Ricardo, during the clearing of the property, created a wonderful pathway we have named "Eden's Walk."

My last name is Walkeden, so Eden's Walk was my choice for the pathway name! I had been to visit TdA two or three times during the subsequent year, but had not had a plaque made, but this trip I had it with me!

After stopping in Playa to load up the car with dog food, and now cat food and some other supplies, we were headed up to Tierra de Animales. (I LOVE seeing all the changes—taking place before my very eyes it seems!)

Ricardo told me he had a "surprise" for me! He'd had a bench built for the pathway! Now when people visit, they can sit and visit with the dogs ... I LOVE IT!!

Every time I drive up from Akumal to take food for the dogs and to see the progress, I am continually amazed and so very grateful for all that Ricardo does for these Mexican dogs. Back in November I'd asked him, "Almost two years ago you started this. Did you ever think you would have come this far, so soon?” His reply was, "No never, but it's because of donations that you and others make that we can do this.” There is also Tierra de Gatos, home to about 20 cats! Separate, double-gated doors keep them safe and they love their area too!

Right now, he and the hired workers are busy trying to complete a separate area for the senior dogs—the dogs that won't get adopted, but will have a separate place to live out their lives in safety and with love. This area is well on the way, but they need our support to see it completed. It will have a roof to provide shade from the sun and keep them dry during the rainy season. There will also be ventilation between the higher bricks to let the breezes blow through.

All my photos are linked here. Please take a minute to see all the wonderful changes happening at TdA (and there’re some photos of some wonderful dogs too!)

There is currently a matching donation drive on! HELP US finish our much-needed area for our senior dogs!! We have a wonderful and generous "ANGEL" donor who will match your donation to us, up to $2,000 dollars! So whatever you donate will be matched and essentially doubled!! WHO CAN HELP US?? (Please include "senior area" in the message box in PayPal) :)

Jan Walkeden Tierra de Animales

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