Ferry From U.S. to the Yucatán - Update 7/30/14

Below are Bruce’s responses to many questions over the course of years:

One very large remaining question is the U.S port. and the Yucatán port. United Caribbean is still in negotiations with the ports and is therefore not able to declare the ports at this time. As soon as the ports are confirmed an update will be sent out.

We will have a nice introductory offer for our first-time users when we start. We will also have discounts based on seasonality and when they choose to travel.

We intend to have those customers who use us regularly get the best prices, best discounts and the most benefits.

That's the way it should be.

If your associates and members have sent us a response to the survey and I have email addresses for them as a result, I will make sure they receive the introductory offers first as an appreciation for their helping with the surveys. We will be ready to begin bookings in October, at the latest, for April trips. Those offers will include upgrades, special rates on cars, etc., and goodies on board.

We expect the round-trip fare for the ferry, including a cabin and all food and entertainment on board, to start at $350US round trip. Cars will probably cost $95US one way. Again, frequent users will pay lower rates. We have even discussed with others interest in getting super special rates by buying a ticket book for trips in advance that gets them the lowest possible rates, guaranteed space on the trips they want, and the lowest car rates too.

Questions most frequently asked:

1. Can we bring small pets? – Yes.

2. Can I bring extra stuff for my residence in Mexico other than luggage and what fits in my car? – Yes.

We will have special personal cargo bins that can hold up to 1,000 lbs. and hold bulky items like bedding, appliances—even a refrigerator.

We will rent the bins one way for $95. Compare that to excess baggage charges for luggage!!!!!

3. Can I bring an RV? – Yes.

4. Motorcycles? – Yes.

5. Small boats? – Yes.

6. When will the website be up? – It's already being prepared. We will have a preliminary site up by the end of August that will have schedules, etc. We will send out an email to all when the site is ready.

7. When will bookings start? – Target is October

8. When will the first voyage be? – Target is April. Still having details worked out as it relates to when the ship will be turned over to us for use

9. Will this be a year-round service? – Yes. There will be 2 round trips per week between the U.S. and the Yucatán, 52 weeks a year.

10. How will we be able to book? – Online through the website, through major online travel sellers like Expedia, Orbitz, etc.,  and your favorite personal travel agent

Hopes this info helps.

Best regards,

Bruce Nierenberg
Chairman, CEO
United Caribbean Lines
1369 Lexington Ave.
Davenport (Orlando) FlL 33837
(321) 427-0332


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