El Festival del Mar

by Heather Froeming (June 2014)

The Yucatan Peninsula is full of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. The sunny conditions and warm water are perfect for enjoying water sports. To celebrate all the wonderful activities in the Yucatan, Extreme Control and the Akumal Dive Center, with the help of the El Cuyo Municipio, are hosting an exciting event, El Festival Del Mar, in El Cuyo the weekend of July 1720. The festival will promote sustainable sports like kiteboarding, Stand Up paddleboarding, diving, snorkeling and more. These sports are great for enjoying the beautiful environment without damaging it. Kiteboarding uses the power of the wind to navigate the coast and enjoy being in the ocean, naturally. Stand Up paddleboarding is a great activity for cruising flat waters in the lagoons or surfing waves along the coast. It's a very Zen experience, where you can view the wildlife without disturbing the natural environment. Diving allows you to see all the different amazing underwater worlds we have here in the Yucatan, especially the unique underground centoes.

We will be having fun competitions for kiteboarding and paddleboarding with great prizes. There will be a competition for beginners to show off their new skills, racing, freestyle and downwind riding. Every day we will be offering a free try-out for the kids and adults to play with the trainer kite and learn how to fly a power kite. Bring the family and give it a try! We will be posting the event details on the Extreme Control Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Extreme-Control-Kite-School-Shop-Travel/330967754919, closer to the event date. Sign up for the events there!

The festival will also offer information on how we can live more sustainably by reducing, reusing and recycling our natural resources so generations to come can enjoy the same opportunities. We will have discussions on how we can live respecting our environment better by keeping our beaches and oceans clean for us and all wildlife. We will talk about the No Mas Plastik campaign and all the dangers we face with plastic contamination in the world. Every piece of plastic ever made still exists in our environment today! The No Mas Plastik campaign discusses ways we can reduce our plastic use and use bioplastics, which are 100% compostable in place of petroleum-based plastics.

This will be a super fun weekend for everyone who loves our beautiful environment. Please contact us if you would like to participate and join this event. We are looking for sponsors or anyone who would like to share their activities, eco products or eco ideas to join this event. Contact Marco at info@extremecontrol.net.


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