Flora & Fauna

Parrots, toucans, monkeys, flamingos, turtles, manatee, and dolphins, are just a few of the animals waiting to be seen in the Riviera Maya. The tropical jungle also holds a treasury of incredible plants, many of medicinal value for the Maya.

turtles1_7-14.jpg A Day in the Life of a Tortuguero in Akumal

CEA volunteer Tom Cochran describes sea turtle conservation work.

Marcia Bales A Turtle Rescue April 2009

Marcia saves a small turtle at Mayan Beach Garden

A Turtle Walk to Remember

with Flora, Fauna and Cultura de Mexico at Xcacel

Amazing Field Research on Queen Conch at Xel Ha

February 2010

evol_5_turtle_t.jpg An Akumal Homecoming For The Giant Sea Turtle

As The Summer Approaches, The Turtles Return Home To Akumal To Nest

Alexandra Bradley Calakmul, Day Two

by Lydia Linton Pontius

Caribbean cushion starfish (Oreaster reticulatus)

f you snorkel anywhere in the Mexican Caribbean from Cozumel to Mahahual you have probably seen it.

Challenges Facing Akumal

A dramatic video

Grilled Chicatanas or Flying Ants Chicatanas or Grilled Flying Ants

A southern Mexico snack, by Jon Look

Hawksbill Turtle by David Nunez David Nuñez Blog

Naturalist David Nuñez blogs about the flora and fauna of the Yucatán.

evol_6_alma_t.jpg Enjoy the Yucatan’s Beautiful Tropical Flora and Exotic Fauna

Take a stroll through the Botanical Gardens located near Puerto Morelos.

Macaws at Xcaret First Guinness World Record to a Reproduction of Endangered Species Program (September 2011)

Xcaret has the most important macaw reproduction center in Mexico and internationally, thanks to an ambitious program.

yibran BARRACUDA.jpg Fish of the Riviera Maya

Fly Fishing in Xcalak September 2009

Caroline Wexler

La Selva Mariposa Rooftop Garden Mari Pintkowski How Does Your Garden Grow?

Rooftop gardening, by Mari Pintkowski

v19_alma_libre_thumb.jpg Know Your Mexican Wildlife

One of the truly wonderful things about the Yucatan is the amazing assortment of wildlife in this area.

mari La Casa de las Mariposas Butterfly Garden on Road from Tulúm to Cobá

by Mari Pintkowski, February 2010

Lessons in Nature Along the Mariposa Trail

By Mari Pintkowski, June 2008

Little Duande
October 2010

By Eva Estes

ev_3_mangrove_t.jpg Mangrove Forests

The unique estuarine environments responsible for much of the health of the entire Caribbean ecosystem.

Mangroves—An Unrecognized Value as Part of Paradise

Centro Ecológico Akumal, February 2008


BY: Mari Pintkowski, January 2010

natalie and ivan November Dive with Natalie and Jen 2008

Relocating turtle nests: Why is this done? Is it justified? August 2009

By Bob Klotz

La Selva Mariposa Rooftop Garden Rooftop Gardening: A Learning Process

at La Selva Mariposa, by Mari Pintkowski

v26_seven_reasons_pm_thumb.jpg Seven Great Reasons to Visit Puerto Morelos

Puerto Morelos is a great place to spend a few hours. This little fishing village is filled with surprises.

Lionfish Seven Interesting Facts About Invasive Lionfish You Might Not Know

Reposted from World Lionfish Hunters Association

The Frogs in the Jungle

I have an interest with my best friend in supporting his building a healing temazcal (sweat lodge) behind the pueblo of Akumal.


And what Xel Ha is doing for them. Feb 2010

judy-w-1-two-headed-turtle-.jpg The Tortugas Of Xcacel, MX

Shared by Judy Withington 12/08

evol_7_green_thumb_t.jpg The Tropical Green Thumb

A closer look at the Sea Grape

evol_5_green_thumb_1_t.jpg The Tropical Green Thumb 1: Papaya Carica

This History, Origin, Uses, And More Of This Tasty Tropical Fruit Tree

evol_7_whaleshark_t.jpg The Whale Sharks have returned!

Every summer, see these docile giants off the island of Holbox

v19_medicinal_trees_thumb.jpg The Yucatan's Medicinal Trees

Reaping cures from the jungle – Medicinal plants

v26_cea_fish_thumb.jpg Tomorrow's Fisheries: What is the Future for Fishing?

Now is a good opportunity to consider how a stable food supply is intimately linked to healthy ecosystems.

evol_6_green_thumb_t.jpg Tropical Green Thumb II: Bouganvillea

From Mexico to Brazil, known to the rest of the world in the 1700s.

Turtle Love

by Natalie Novak, Dive with Natalie and Ivan

turtle_love-nat_2.jpg Turtle Love

Natalie Novak describes a close encounter of the turtle kind.

Turtle Tracks Logger and Green Turtle Update and Interesting Fact

by Tom Cochran

Underseascape Manatees

Steve Dramstad AKA XcalakSteve December 2009

Xcalak Steve Underseascapes The Turtles

The Turtles of Akumal Bay

UnderSeaScapes – Cleaning Station

March 2010 Steve Dramstad aka Xcalak Steve

UnderSeaScapes – Octopus

February 2010

Xcacel Beach by Mari Pintkowski Where Have All the Turtles Gone?

by Mari Pintkowski

ev_2_cea_seagrasses_t.jpg Why do we need to protect the seagrasses?

Much of the local tourism revolves around the wonderful diving and snorkeling opportunities.

v22_cea_thumb.jpg World Wetlands Day February 2nd

Mangroves play a key role in storm protection and coastal stabilization. 2/2007

Cabanas Tulum

Casa Carolina Xcalak