Football is Back! Is It So for Mexico Real Estate? (September 2011)

by Enrique Saldana

Being an avid sports fan, I cannot hide my joy having found out that the football strike finally came to an end and the regular season would be getting started according to schedule. Football, a so-called "contact" sport, strikes my business acumen more than any other sport, whereby talent and individualities are more apparent in the practice of playing the game. I see the game of football more of a strategy-based practice game, rather than that of a "contact” sport.

In football you have short plays, which may very well be associated to strategic short-term goal planning in business, long plays, or long-term goals, and the long throw ("Hail Mary"), normally tried for those strong-arm quarterbacks and commonly relied on to make the big end-of-the-game winning touchdown. This may also be compared to a long shot by a desperate business to obtaining a bigger market share or more business, or a very aggressive corporate-managed company wanting to take advantage of the uncertainty of the market and wishing a bigger market share.

As is commonly said, "By the inch is a cinch!", which may be literally translated into football as the runner back taking the ball at the line of scrimmage and carrying it, protecting the ball every inch of the way, trying to earn as many yards as possible to accomplish a short-run 10-yard gain or to reach a touchdown. This easily could be compared to a business (real estate in this particular case) taking surety steps in their growth process, or the process of moving through the maze of real estate, especially considering our present real estate market situation.

On the other hand, the common saying, "By the mile takes a while!", may be considered to be the forward pass, or short and long passing game, as executed by the quarterback trying to reach a wide receiver doing a planned run, or rout, to reach the 10-yard 1st down, or gain more yards for that matter. Those runs, generally speaking, do not have the same rate of success that running the ball has, but still may be effective. The rate of success increases when you hand off the ball to the running back, rather than throwing to a wide receiver, of course. Whether a short pass, or a long pass, whichever the case may be, is used, this should relate to the process of doing long-term goal planning, either in marketing or, in direct or indirect advertising, especially through the new and innovative forms of social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., now in existence, and using one of those social networks as a lead-generating business tool.

And finally, there is the famous "Hail Mary," desperate last-minute quarterback throw to try to win the game. This definitively compares to the desperate efforts we have seen by some NOW EXTINCT real estate companies that tried to grow too fast in a not very attractive local real estate market era, or the developer out there who thought, build it and they will sell, and is now faced with a less than 20% success sales ratio, and still struggling.

This is how I see football and how I relate it to the business of real estate in our area.

Now, and with relation to Our Real Estate Market, …Is Another Market Crash Coming?

Investors are increasingly concerned about the possibility of another recession in the USA and a debt crisis in Europe and pulling out of the investment markets.

So, taking into consideration what is going on at the present time in the global markets, and more particularly in our real estate market area, and on what the rest of the year promises based on the political arena in the USA, it is paramount that perhaps we should start looking at our businesses and/or investment portfolios from a football strategy perspective, if you are a football fan, that is.

Therefore is the need for new strategies and business adjustments by all primarily affected parties and industry sectors in our area, of which we already have seen some taking place.   

So which one of these football strategies should be practiced, as an individual realtor, or a real estate company, under these circumstances?  What is your strategy?

Are you bracing yourself for a "rocky" real estate market slow down?

Are you doing short-term, as well as long-term planning?

Are you preparing yourself for a new real estate market recession?

Or, are you betting on a "Hail Mary" to put you over the top?

This report courtesy of Enrique (Henry) Saldana
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