Friends of Puerto Aventuras (FOPA)

May 2008
As the Riviera Maya has developed into Mexico ’s premier tourist destination, employment has become more competitive and the skills and knowledge necessary to get a job, including English and computer skills, have increased. In response to these challenges, F.O.P.A. has been offering educational and vocational programs and opportunities for children and adults in Puerto Aventuras since 1999.

Over the past eight years, hundreds of Puerto Aventuras residents have benefited from F.O.P.A.’s popular adult English classes. There are currently 30 students studying English for three hours a week in five different-leveled classes. Individuals have been able to “translate” the language skills gained in these classes into better job opportunities.

As the world becomes more and more computer-dependent, computer literacy has become essential in many jobs. Although many computer schools exist in Playa del Carmen and Cancun , these are largely inaccessible to people who live and work in Puerto. In response to this need, F.O.P.A. began offering computer training courses in 2003.

Currently, there are fourteen students who meet for four hours per week to learn word processing and internet skills.

In addition to these classes, F.O.P.A. also supports an after-school kids club, three hours a week of computer club, offering free computer and internet access for the community, a free community library with more than 300 children and adult books in both Spanish and English, and a weekly job posting, advertising local employment opportunities available for residents.

F.O.P.A.’s activities are supported by generous donations from residents and visitors alike. The classes and programs currently operate out of the Transformar Educando building next to the police station in the Poblado.

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