Frida Kahlo Update
February 2010

Telesecundaria José Vasconcelos

Greetings and good news from Akumal and Cd. Chemuyil for 2010.
The first news is that the Frida Kahlo Library at José Vasconcelos Telesecundaria already has a librarian, with the support of the Development Council of Akumal, in the person of Mary Carmen Domani and Mpio. Tulúm through Chief Clerk Mr. David Balam.

Since last October, Ms. Neri Pech has been helping the girls and boys in their research, exercises and homework. For the registration and recording of books, Neri is being advised by Lidieth Basto Nahuat founder of La Ceiba in Cd. Chemuyil.

Frida Khalo Library in Akumal Pueblo
The Frida Kahlo Library would like to thank some of the people and institutions who support us individually, like Anette Bartch, Nancy Poor, Maria Henderson, Rhett Schober and the Ixchel Boutique.

We are also particularly thankful to the Liaison Committee, coordinated by Laura Bush, for their enormous enthusiasm and creativity in getting donations.

Very special thanks go also to Carlos Gomez, who manages the list of donations and tax deductible receipts for us, as well as for the upcoming presentation of a play inspired by Maya mythology.

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