Go Fish! Charters & Adventure Tours

Troll, bottom-fish, snorkel and explore virgin beaches on the Caribbean Sea with Go Fish! in Playa. Plan your trip with excursions in ENGLISH or SPANISH. On a half-day trip, combine two activities; on a full day, you have all options. Fish on your way to a beautiful beach, eat lunch and snorkel for a couple of hours, then bottom-fish to catch supper. On a beautiful, calm day there is nothing more relaxing and fun (especially for kids) than drift-fishing for dinner in the beautiful Caribbean waters. Sometimes when the bite is really good, you will see the fish schooling under and around the boat, and everyone gets a big kick out of catching and feeding the reef fish. In the mood for romance? Book one of our Sunset Tours, and visit a secluded beach and enjoy wine and snacks with your special someone.

To learn more, visit http://www.gofishplaya.com/.