Great Services in Playa del Carmen

by Michele Kinnon (Oct. 2014)

I hear an awful lot of complaints about "service" in Playa del Carmen: poor service from waiters in restaurants, dishonest practices at beach clubs, rip-off artists at Pemex, NO at all service from Cablemas ...

I tend to focus on the positive ... the great services we DO have in Playa del Carmen that make my life a lot easier. I'm a busy mom and business owner and anything I can do to lessen my load and reduce the number of places I have to rush to in a day I see as a HUGE plus!

These are a few of the great services in Playa del Carmen that can help keep all the balls in the air and make daily life a lot more manageable. Grocery Service – I have nothing to complain about when it comes to grocery shopping in Playa del Carmen. I moved here 10 years ago, before the emergence of Trader Joe's, Whole Foods and the like, so perhaps I don't know what I'm missing. When we moved here, there was no Sam's Club, no Walmart, no Mega or Soriana. There was just the Chedraui on 307 and Super (and I use that term very loosely) San Francisco on Av. 30. Shopping, per se, was pretty hit or miss and I was reduced to tears more than once in the aisles. Things have improved greatly and I actually don't mind the occasional trip to the grocery store. However, why shop when LoQSea will do it for me AND deliver it to my doorstep! You order online (in English or Spanish), choose your delivery time, and VOILA! Your groceries are delivered in recyclable shopping bags and insulated coolers. You can pay online or upon delivery. It's fantastic! They are adding new items all the time and they shop where I shop ... even DAC! There is no upcharge for any of the items, just a very reasonable delivery charge that is often waived if you purchase enough. Get updates on the LoQSea Facebook page.

Mobile Vet Oscar Galindo – Unlike a trip to the grocery store, a trip to the vet, even for the most routine check-up, is torture for me. I have some pretty serious allergies and while I have grown accustomed to the dander of my own cats and dogs, stick me in the waiting room of any veterinary clinic and I am reduced to a pile of snot in about five minutes. I would do anything to avoid a trip to the vet including putting off necessary medical care for my furry friends ... not good. When I heard that Oscar Galindo had started a mobile vet service, I jumped to set up an appointment. I've known Oscar for several years as he had a hand in saving two of my dogs (one I ran over with the car ... oops ... and another was poisoned) so I felt pretty confident when I called him to make a house call. Oscar arrived, fully equipped and was able to take care of all three dogs right here, all at once. They got their vaccinations right on the spot and a follow-up visit was scheduled to address some health issues with one of the dogs. The consult was VERY well-priced and Oscar was a gem with my unruly beasts. Best of all, it was far less stressful on my animals. They actually seemed to enjoy the visit. If you have more than one pet, a pet that hates to go to the vet or even if you are just a very busy person, I highly recommend this service. You can reach him by phone at 984-153-1917.

My Little Partner Mobile Pet Grooming – This one I haven't tried yet, but my friend and neighbor swears by her. With an appointment, Maria will arrive in her fully equipped mobile pet spa van, ready to make even the stinkiest dog sweet-smelling and ready for cuddles. Maria is trained in all techniques of professional canine grooming. She also offers canine massage, aromatherapy and rejuvenation treatments. Both regular and medicated shampoos are available. Maria is Spanish-speaking but if you send her an email in English to, she will be able to translate and respond to set up an appointment to come to your house. If you are confident with your phone Spanish, she can be reached at 984-139-7628 or 984-151-0989. She also sells dog toys, clothes and accessories and can do fancy dye jobs and nail polishes if you are so inclined ... I'm not judging ... much. ;)

Playa Now Restaurant Delivery – If there is one service I cannot possibly live without, it is Playa Now. Playa Now puts all the great food in Playa del Carmen at my fingertips. They have about 50 cooperating restaurants covering all types of cuisine. Simply visit the webpage, select a restaurant or several restaurants to order from, view the menu and then call or send in your order via Skype. What could be easier! The website is even set up to deactivate the menus for the restaurants that are not open at the time. Live outside of Centro? No problem. Playa Now has a HUGE service area! The drivers do their best to get the food to you hot and intact and they are always polite. They have even been known to grab some last minute essentials from Oxxo for me! There is a service charge of 25 pesos per location and I always tip on top of that, which the drivers really appreciate.  Check them out here on the Playa Now Facebook page. To call in an order in English, call 984-131-4499. Tell them Michele in Tigrillo sent you!


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