Group Travel Part 4

Many of us are well aware that travel has become a bit more of a luxury, which also means fewer people traveling this year. We have felt the impact in our own small group travel business. And even our summer home on Lake Champlain did not book as quickly as it had in the past.

But sometimes one person's misfortune can be another's good fortune. That may well be the case for our November 5-12 WaterARTS International Water Instructor and Personal Trainer Certification. We had hoped to fill these classes, certifications, CEC, and re-certification with people traveling with us from the states and Canada. We did not. That is great news for anyone living in or visiting the Akumal during this time. We are opening up these classes and making them available to anyone who is interested. If you would like more information please contact us immediately.

As tough as this year has been, next year seems to be on the upswing. People are concerned but they are still making plans. We already have a group interested in a kiteboarding adventure to the Mayan Riviera for the first of next year. A Grandparent's Camp for all ages is being planned for the summer. Akumal is turning 50! The Water Enthusiast and Certification Groups want to reschedule their groups for next fall. And we have family and friends making plans for next November. These are all hopeful signs that things will be much better for all of us in 2009!

If you are interested in planning a group trip to the Yucatan or if you want to learn more about any of the groups mentioned above please contact us or visit our website to learn more.

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