Group Travel Part 5

The best thing about Group Travel is you aren't doing it alone, and you can create your own group and decide who and what type of trip it will be, OR you can find one that is in the works and join in without the hassle of doing any of the work. The Mayan Riviera and the states of Quintana Roo and Yucatan are ideal spots for numerous versatile tours. It is ideal for bird watching, wind surfing, history buffs, environmentalists and more. It offers a variety of culture, from Ancient Mayan to Colonial Spaniard and Modern, and is a mecca for the wellness buffs as well those who are seeking total relaxation. Whether you are looking to bring your children or your great grand parents, school groups, or your social organization – you will not be disappointed in the Yucatan.

This year there are several types of groups in the works.

May 29th to June 7th Akumal turns 50 and we are planning to be there to enjoy the festivities and witness first hand what Akumal was like and how it has changed over the years.

June 6th to June 12th

This is a perfect time for grandparents to grab your grandchildren who have just gotten out of school and take them for a once in a life time adventure. Your school isn't out yet? This is a wonderful time to do a school group trip - it incorporates Spanish, History, Ecology, and the opportunity to witness turtle season first-hand. This trip is open to the public.

A group of Tweens associated with a Minnesota Zoo are heading to Akumal. They are going to spend a week working side by with CEA's turtle volunteers in late summer. The proximity to CEA, a local environmental organization, combined with the safety of Akumal made this the perfect place to bring their group.

Another private group is gathering to celebrate their 10th anniversary in Akumal over Thanksgiving weekend. They visited Akumal last summer and knew immediately it was the perfect spot for family and friends of all ages.

Women in Wellness, a Fun and Fitness trip. Take a Walk on the Wellness Side!! Wellness is the key but FUN is what this 10 day trip from October 24th until November 4, 2009 is all about. It will combine WaterART Fitness, Yoga, Nutrition, Salsa Dancing, snorkeling, scuba, beach games and other forms of fitness and fun. It is geared towards women who have shied away from “Yoga Retreats” or “Extreme Workout Regimens” and will combine plenty of time for side trips, relaxation, fashion shows and shopping. We deliberately planned it during Halloween and Day of the Dead – so no one would take us too seriously. This is about fun and feeling good and networking and socializing with other women. In addition to having a great time and feeling wonderful, you will have the opportunity to (not required ) become a Personal Trainer, WaterARTs Fitness Instructor or, if you are a certified Water Fitness teacher, you can acquire your Continuing Educations Credits. This trip is open to the public, click here to learn more.

As you can see there is no limit to the possibilities of group travel to paradise. If you would like more information on any of the trips open to the public or would like to create your own specialized group trip please contact us at

Happy New Year and Happy Travelings.

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