Helping Mexico's Dogs

by Trish Bennett


How many times have you seen a stray dog wandering the streets in Mexico? Chances are, the encounters are endless. The dog situation in the Riviera Maya is very upsetting to many tourists and locals. There are hundreds of dogs wandering the streets without food, water, shelter, medical care or a family of their own. Ricardo Pimentel and his family are trying to change this situation.

The Pimentel family are independent animal rescuers in Cancún, Mexico. They rescue hurt, sick, abandoned and abused animals. They even rescue dogs from the perreras (dog pounds) in Playa del Carmen and Cancun.

The Pimentel mission is to rehabilitate these animals, and ultimately find them a loving and caring forever home. Transportation for the dogs is easily arranged for adoptive families in the United States and Canada. All animals are spayed/neutered and healthy before going to their adoptive families.

Ricardo works with other animal organizations as well. When he visits Laura Raikes at Coco's Cat Rescue, they go together to the Playa del Carmen perrera to rescue dogs. They take them back to Coco's Clinic for much needed medical attention. In addition, Coco's vet, Edgar, performs spay/neuter services on the animals as soon as they are healthy enough.

Ricardo is in the process of creating an animal sanctuary project - Tierra de AnimalesThe land has been donated, the plans have been set, and it will be an amazing place for animals and the Pimentels, who will care for them. Ricardo also realizes that proper animal care should be started at a young age, which is why he visits schools with some of his dogs. Educating our youth in humane treatment is something we should all consider.

On February 8, 36 of Ricardo's dogs were taken from him due to a neighbor complaint. The outpouring of local Mexican support along with American and Canadian support has been absolutely amazing. The next day, several animal organizations went with Ricardo to get his dogs out of the perrera. They are now back where they belong, but Ricardo needs our help to get over 90 dogs to the Sanctuary as soon as possible. Please consider donating so that we can make these plans come to fruition. is taking monetary donations via PayPal and, while visiting Playa, medical supplies and food can be dropped off at Coco's Cat Rescue.

These animal organizations are getting it right. Working together is the best way to tackle the problem of so many homeless animals. Educating our youth, and spaying and neutering are crucial in animal rescue. Please visit Ricardo's Web site and don't be surprised if you fall in love and bring home one of these gorgeous dogs!

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