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Enrique (Henry) Saldana

Born in Mexico. Moved to the USA in 1973. Graduated Holy Trinity High School. Attended University of Illinois at Circle Campus, Chicago and Northeastern Illinois University at Chicago Campus. Business Management Major-Music Minor.

Went on the road as a traveling band and backup musician through Mexico and the USA.

Started in the Real Estate industry in 1987 back in Chicago working with top RE C-21 and Re/Max Franchises.

Moved to Florida in 1995. Realtor and Mortgage Broker Licensed individual. Worked with Re/Max and Realty Executives. Opened own company. Actively involved in community organizing.

Moved to the CancúnPlaya del Carmen area in 2006.

As an independent mortgage broker, we have been doing mortgages for Americans and Canadians in USD, as well as British and Spaniards in Euros, through Scotiabank and Compass Bank for the past four years to the present. Also doing peso mortgage loans with the top five Mexican banksBanamex, Bancomer, Banorte, Santander and Scotiabankas well as a couple of SOFOLES (Mexico Government Sponsored Mortgage Lending Institutions).

Together, Let's Make the World A Better Place!!!
      Enrique (Henry) Saldana
    * Playa del Carmen, Q. Roo. Cancún-Mexico
    * Cel: (984) 116-8528
    * www.mexicohomerealtycenter.com
    * http://maxiummortgagehipotecaria.point2agent.com
    * moneylendingbus@hotmail.com
    * Skype: Henrys1955

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