Hidden Worlds August 2009

By Jen McDermitt of Chan Chemuyil

We departed Chan Chemuyil for Hidden Worlds prepared for a day of jungle adventure just 2 miles south of the community. Our appetite for excitement would not be disappointed.

The staff of Hidden Worlds greeted us with smiles and holas as we began our orientation and wet suit rental before boarding the jungle buggy to venture deep into the flora and fauna. Hidden Worlds provides guests with a clean snorkel and all the equipment needed for the day. After the ten minute jungle buggy journey through the trees we arrived at the central area where we were given a locker and then harnessed up for our first ever zip line though the treetops.

Climbing the platform for the first look and peering over the edge was an adrenaline rush - but after the first leap off onto the zip line, it was a smooth ride to the other side. Six hundred feet later and back on solid ground, this seemed like a day of new memories we would not soon forget.

The next treat we were guided to was a cave cenote repelling, an exhilarating drop into the depths of darkness. It was counterintuitive to jump down into a hole, but the guides at Hidden Worlds continually reiterate that your safety is their first priority. After a hop over the edge, you are lowered into the cavern at your own pace with a guide both above and below which sets your mind more at ease. The descent into the cave was amazing and provides you with an overhead look at the grandness of the stalactites and animal life in the cenote below. After landing in the cave you are led on a snorkel tour of the cavern to examine the stalagmite formations and wildlife from a new perspective.

The adventure of the day was the cenote splashdown activity which zips you from an outside ledge and then down to the underbelly of the cave and into a crystal clear cenote lit from below. It was an exciting ride with a refreshing end!

We broke for lunch to eat at the on site restaurant managed by a Mayan family. We were served delicious dishes of chicken tacos and quesadillas with cold drinks for about 80 pesos each. A quick peek at the photography we had taken so far and then back to the jungle for the final hurrah. No time for siesta when thrills await!

On the brief walk to our last voyage we visited the on site monkey reserve. A biologist has set up the environment over a large area to maximize the safety and lifestyle of the spider monkeys. The creatures ran into the trees and hung on branches while we took advantage of the photo opportunity.

The grand finale was the newest attraction at Hidden Worlds - the first in the world SkyCycle. It was invented at Hidden Worlds and is still the only one of its kind in existence. A bicycle locked on to cables is suspended above the jungle treetops. It is a 1 km ride through the foliage and down into cenote caverns ending with a snorkel tour through a natural underground river system. It was delightful to gaze out at the fan palms, rare orchids and striking bird life in this jungle habitat. For scuba enthusiasts it is also possible to go on cave dives while your family or friends enjoy the park.

The setting of Hidden Worlds truly provides adventurers with a day to appreciate nature at its finest and a unique experience that sets it apart from other area attractions. For easy access to Hidden Worlds, vacation rental homes are available in the nearby community of Chan Chemuyil stop by and check out the wallet-friendly options at www.chan-chemuyil.com.

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