Hidden Worlds: Skycycle Tours

Skycycle at Hidden Worlds
When it comes to adventure, Hidden Worlds has been leading the coast for years by providing exciting jungle snorkeling tours, cavern diving for open water divers, as well as thrilling trips down a treetop zip-line. And now their repertoire for exhilarating jungle escapades has grown to include something that you will not find anywhere else in the world. Introducing the Skycycle Tours, a leisurely peddle over the lush green jungle on your way to and from the cenote Tak Bi Luum for a snorkeling tour.

The tour centers around the patent pending innovation of a Skycycle, which is much like an inverted bicycle. With a climbing harness in place, excited visitors sit comfortably in the metal carriage and place their feet on the peddles out in front of them. There are two sets of handles, one set is next to the seat, and the second set is above the rider’s head, which is equipped with a simple hand brake. With very little instructions needed, the rider is ready to go!

Much like a bicycle in a low gear, the peddling is quite easy; and considering the adventure begins with a little incline, this is a comfort to anyone who was weary about his or her abilities. The cable runs for about a half a kilometer to the cenote over gorgeous green jungle, incredible rock formation and depressions in the jungle floor. Since the Skycycles are nice and quiet, this is a great place to catch a glimpse of some of the wildlife found in the Yucatan. Gorgeous birds, the occasional monkey, incredible orchids, and much more are a few of the sights you can see. And, the perspective gained by riding at treetop level gives the illusion of flying, and this is a sensation many people seek!

Skycycle at Hidden Worlds
The first leg of the journey ends in a dramatic decline from the jungle canopy (with the assistance of one of Hidden World’s friendly staff) into the mouth of the cenote. Wow, is that ever a new and awesome experience. One by one the rider’s arrive and are helped from the Skyc