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January/February 2016 #91

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Up & Down the Coast

After taking a much-needed vacation, we are back and hope everyone is having a great new year. We took a sailing trip to the Grenadines and snorkeled gorgeous reefs with turtles and fish. It was remarkable to see, once again, what paradise looks like before development. It reminded us very much of when we made our first trips to the Riviera Maya.

Hotel Akumal Caribe

This section is devoted to the thousands of things there are to do when visiting the Yucatan Peninsula.

In addition to knowing what to do along the Riviera Maya, many want to know how to get there. The white vans, or colectivos, as they are called, are a quick and easy way to travel from Playa to Tulum and everywhere in between.

2016 Riviera Maya Wine & Food Festival (April 29 May 1) tickets are available to purchase online! Visit WineAndFoodFest.com to purchase your festival tickets and get all the details on each event.

Lol Ha Valentines Days

Lydia Linton Pontius sunset Barbados Trip That Stirred Memories

Windward Islands and Riviera Maya similarities


The lodging possibilities on the Yucatan Peninsula are nearly infinite. Combine the sheer number of hotels, villas, condos and resorts with the variety of locales, and the job of a reviewer is a lifetime gig. Below are just a few examples. And here are all of our lodging reviews; just remember that some may be outdated.

We welcome others to share their reviews and experiences with us.

OR maybe you are not looking for a place to stay, but instead want to live in paradise. Here is a great article about how you can make that a reality by BuyPlaya.


If you have a favorite restaurant you'd like to review, please drop us a line. Here are all of our restaurant reviews; just remember that some may be outdated.

For those living along the Riviera Maya, or visiting for an extended time, there is now a way to get Organic Produce delivered to your home. It is a great service because not only is the food grown without pesticides, it is helping the smaller farmers in the fertile Chiapas area move their products.


We are always encouraging our readers to help local causes through support, donations and volunteerism. We also like to use this section to share good news about those who have helped. If you have news about local causes, please share them with us.

Coco's Animal Welfare, known for offering low cost spay/neutering and helping abandoned cats and dogs in Playa, is putting together their annual fundraiser. If you have items to donate, please contact them info@cocsanimalwelfare.org.


Mariposa was born about November 1, 2014, and arrived at the shelter September 23, 2015. She weighs about 16 kg and is spayed and current on all vaccinations. Mariposa is an adult female dog who came to PAR from Coco's Animal Welfare. She had been hit by a car and encountered someone in her past that cropped her ears very short. She has recovered and would make a wonderful addition to any family. She is a young, medium-energy dog, with a friendly, outgoing temperament. She loves to be around other dogs and people.

If you would like more information about Mariposa, or any of the dogs of Playa Animal Rescue, please email Pat at pat@playaanimalrescue.org.

Its exciting times at Hotel Akumal Caribe! They have two projects on the go. The coral restoration project team is doing an amazing job. Their core staff have the assistance of very enthusiastic volunteers. Progress is visible! Growing coral from fragments seemed like a dream, but they grew well in the nursery sites and now are being outplanted and thriving in their new home! Growing staghorn coral is a very satisfying project. They are grateful to everyone involved! See the video update.


They also are finally just about ready for planting in the aquaponics tanks. The 500 little tilapia are thriving, and the materials are all in! Soon, results of this project will be seen, which is led totally by two volunteers to whom they are so grateful!

Mari Pintkowski MG library Erika Whittman Had a Dream

After-school Program and Children's Library Opens in Macario Gomez

Lionfish Lionfish Hunting in Akumal, Ongoing Stats and Information

A dedicated group of divers has made it their mission to control the number of lionfish in the area.

Sponsor Picks of the Month

Playacar homes for sale

Buy Playa

Homes for sale in Playacar. This grand 3-bedroom, 2-level home is located on a very private cul-de-sac. Built by the current owners, this dream home has luxury finishes and an intelligent design plan that could only have been envisioned with the intention of personally using the space. Because it was designed by the residents, this home has features you will not find in other homes on the market. $890,000 USD.

coral restoration video update

Hotel Akumal Caribe

Since 2014, Expedition Akumal have been rescuing dying fragments of the iconic staghorn coral, Acropora cervicornis, and planting them into underwater coral nursery sites to help them to recover. Staghorn coral was once thriving on the Caribbean coral reefs. Our efforts to rescue these fragments have shown incredible results. Ninety-five percent of our fragments have survived and are showing signs of new growth. You can follow our efforts on the coral reef restoration website.

Akumal Villas website

Akumal Villas

Akumal Villas wants everyone to know that villas are booking up very early this year. So please consider booking as far in advance as possible.

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