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Akumal's 50th anniversary

Two weeks on the road, so much to see and do. Starting out with a trip to Akumal to participate in the 50th Celebration. I stayed at Hotel Akumal Caribe, my home away from home. As always the welcoming was warm and friendly and the bungalows made for the perfect room/office, the large windows make it so bright and open and the location was so close to all the great venues for the festivities.

You can read more about the 50th and see our slide shows. There were so many pictures that this is just a smattering but hopefully enough to show what a great time was had by everyone.

Over the next few months we will be highlighting some of the places I stays and giving a review of them. If you have reviews you would like to share please feel free to contact us. Our first reviews will be of Selva Mariposa, which is a delightful bed and breakfast tucked in the jungle on the road to Coba. Others to follow will include Xamach Dos, Vista Del Mar, Blue Parrot and Tres Rios.

Also if you would be interested in having your properties reviewed please contact us. We will be running reviews on accommodations, restaurants and places to go and things to do. In the past we have had contributing writers share their experiences on places such at Selva Maya, Rio Secreto and more.

During the two week road trip, I had the opportunity to meet with some of the area causes, Hebak Library, Jungle Place, Peanut Pet Shelter and Coco Cat Rescue. We will write more about these experiences in upcoming issues.

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Akumal's 50th Anniversary Bash

Akumal Turns 50
As we said last month, Akumal's 50th was an incredibly wonderful 3 days of a multitude of events. There was something for everyone from diving, fishing, volleyball, museum exhibits, great food, intoxicating music, bazaar, dance troops, puppet shows, fashion shows, treasure hunts and sand sculpturing.

But the 50th Celebration was more than just a big party. It also raised money for the Akumal United Fund as follows:
  • $47,624 pesos to the General Fund for community needs in the pueblo.
  • $5,077.60 to the Education Fund for any educational project (scholarships, the library, etc.)

Photo Contest Winners

Last month's photo contest What Says Summer to You. First Place (below left), Steve Clouther - Congratulations! Steve wins two drinks at Lol-Ha Beach Bar. Second Place, Don Hughes, won one free drink at Lol Ha Beach Bar.

winner second place
What's New

This month unveils it's new Riviera Maya real estate section. While limited in scope now, we plan to have articles of interest to those looking to buy or sell. We will also have property listings and advertisements from local realtors.

Dive Tip of the Month

Tip - There are some amazing big animals in the ocean, but there are also lots of really cool small animals. Blue banded shrimp and arrow crabs/spider crabs like to hide out in small nooks and holes in rocks.  I find them most commonly in dents in rocks that are out on the sand away from the reef. Those lone “islands of life” in the sand bar can be full of  unique creatures. Its worth taking the time to check them out!

Make every dive count when you Dive with Natalie and Ivan.

A story by Natalie - I love turtles, and tarpon and sharks. But they are not the only things in the ocean. Some really unique animals are very small. A few days after Easter, I went diving in the morning. The waves were big for Akumal and that made the boat ride exciting! I was happily surprised when we jumped in the water because the visibility was excellent. Rest of the story...

Of Special Interest

Meet the Poors - by Lydia Pontius - The joke among friends, when you say you are going to visit David and Nancy, is "Oh you're going to The Poor House." Well, the Poor House never looked so good. We all have images in our mind of what the age-old expression of the poor house might be but, for Akumalians, it is an incredible place.

La Selva Mariposa

Review: La Selva Mariposa - By Lydia Pontius - La Selva Mariposa, the jungle butterfly, is an intimate B&B situated on 2 1/2 acres only 15 minutes from Tulum's mystic shore and the gleaming waters of the Caribbean, and less than an hour from the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza, Coba, Ek Balam and others.


Sac-be offers free listing of properties along the Riviera Maya. If you would like to have your rental property listed please complete the form on our owner's page. Or, if you are interested in learning more about other advertising opportunities please contact us. The following vacation rental properties were recently listed:


Casa Metamorfosis - Lovely little village of Chan Chemuyil, just across from the exquisite Xcacel Beach and turtle sanctuary. Cottage living at it's best!

Special Savings

Akumal Villas is offering fantastic deals on 2009 villa rentals. - 10-35% discounts on magnificent oceanfront villas up and down the Riviera Maya, from Soliman Bay/Tankah to Puerto Aventuras.

Cannon House suite in Akumal – 2 bedroom with a fantastic view of the bay had a cancellation and is available for Thanksgiving!

For stays from now until Nov 15th, when reserving directly to Hotel Akumal Caribe's US office and prepaying.  Bungalow rate will include a $10 voucher per room per night for use in Lolha Villas Flamingo: $20 voucher per villa per night for use in Lolha.  Not valid with any other promotion or discount. 

New Advertisers

Hacienda Tres Rios

Pablo Diaz Lavin, realtor, of Riviera Maya 4 Sale

Blue Parrot

Vista del Mar

July 2009 - #18  

Community News


Hekab Be Biblioteca - We are thrilled to announce that we have received sponsorship for all of our children for this year’s Summer School Courses. Sincere thanks to all who donated to this important cause – your generosity will make it possible for these children to attend Summer Classes for free and without strain on their families budgets... and more.

montessori preschool kids in Akumal

Akumal Montessori: a Fundraising Case Study
For those of you who have been following the Montessori articles, you know that the school has been blessed by a sponsorship from the Rotary Club of Fort Collins, Colorado which has helped build two classrooms and finish the construction of an additional two classrooms. We asked Ron Rockvam and Art Bavoso, of the Foothills Rotary, to write about how they and their fellow Rotarians decided to support the school, and how they were able to be so successful in their fundraising efforts. Please read on for an inspirational story of hope and generosity.

montessori class of 09

Otoch Paal Montessori Graduating Class of 2009

Akumal Council - an important meeting was held on June 24 covering the needs of all property owners and business owners to get all of their documentation in order for the municipality of Tulum. For details read the minutes on the Akumal Council website.

New Yoga in Akumal schedule.

Updates on Causes
mayan child

Dreams for Mayan Children - a new cause founded by Patty Kasten, will provide programs to help children receive an education. In this part of the country an education Is not free the Goverment builds the school and it is up to the parents and teachers to raise funds for supplies needed in thier classrooms. This year 50 - 80 children will recieve thier own backpack filled with school supplies. Two schoolsl one in Tulum and the other in Coba, both in desprate need of supplies, will recieve materials to be used in there classrom throught out the year. My programs along with your kind and generous contributions will help provide these basic necessities and make a dream come true for a child...

Fighting the economic impact of Swine Flu - Even though the panic about the virus has calmed down and the situation is under control again, all of us in the Yucatan are still suffering from the consequences. One person after another is losing their job, because all of the tourists are gone and don't seem to be coming back any time soon. dutzi design inc. has created a special bag to help at least some people in the Yucatan. All of the profits from the sale of the bag will go directly back into the workshop and to the women who work there.

Coco Cat Rescue is busy as can be. Read about the 3-day sterilization clinic. Coco's also announced that every Thursday they will be able to have up to 10 surgeries on rescued, feral and adopted cats. Coco's Newsletter (pdf)

June Stats

  • 12 kittens rescued
  • 13 kittens re-homed
  • 16 feral cats trapped, sterilized and returned in our normal weekly ongoing spay and neuter clinic in june

At the 3-day free Sterilization Clinic:

  • 80 pet cats
  • 93 pet dogs
  • 21 feral cats TNR
  • 15 kittens sterilized (brought back by owners or still at CCR)

total 209 animals-116 cats and 93 dogs

Peanut Pet Shelter - has created the Peanut Pet Shelter Cat Sanctuary will not be a traditional shelter and no cats will be kept in cages or pens. It will instead be a cat 'Haven', where cats can live a natural life whilst still enjoying the comfort of shelter, shade, freely available food and water, medical attention and of course those much needed cuddles!

In addition, there is the new Peanut Pet Shelter Clinic to provide free spay & neuter for the animals of local people who cannot afford this service. Many wonderful vets and associations already provide this at certain times of the year. It is intended that the Peanut Pet Shelter clinic will provide this service on a permanent basis.

CEA and Hekab Be Library are co-sponsoring a Summer Ecocourse for 8 to 15 year-olds from July 20 to August 1.

Calendar of Events

August 7th - Second Annual Circus! 5:30 p.m. at CEA center or the Stage (weather depending).

Vidas Clinic August 8 - 13 - Despite tough financial times in the states the VIDAS vets and techs and volunteers are still coming to Playa del Carmen this year for thier annual free Spay and Neuter clinic! It will be AUGUST  8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13th. Yes, that is right 6 days in PLAYA! It will be held in the Colosio at the same school as last year, the Maria Montessori on Av 10.

August 9-15 - a group sponsored by the Minnesota Zoo will be visiting CEA.

anat kah logo

September 5 - Taste of Playa International Food Festival will be launching their 1st Annual Sampling in Playa Del Carmen. Taste of Playa is a community oriented culinary event, celebrating the creativity and diverse cultural influences of chefs throughout the Riviera Maya.

October 16 - 18 - Festival de Tortugas Marinas Tulum - 7th Annual Sea Turtle Festival. Tourists and locals are welcome to participate in the release of baby turtles at Xcacel beach by moonlight, supporting the Sea Turtle Protection Program.

October 24 – November 4 Women In Wellness – Local's are welcome to join in the fun. Blanca Sanchez-Navarro, Chef Gynna, Boutique Ixchel, WaterART, International and more are joining Just Imagine Vacations, Inc to make this a great retreat.

November 9 - 15 - Cancun & Riviera Maya International Film Festival

November 9 - The Fuhrer Fiesta is planned for Akumal celebrating a 10th wedding anniversay.

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