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Well, summer is in full swing now and we hope you are all chilling and having a wonderful time. We would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone along the beaches to do all you can to protect the turtles during their nesting season. This year, more than ever, they need your help. With untold numbers being lost in the Gulf, we need to be more careful and diligent than ever to protect our oceans and marine life. To learn more ways to help locally, contact CEA or, if you are just a visitor to the area, please do your part to support the environmental efforts in your area.

What's New

The ViDAS 2010 Clinic in Playa del Carmen will be held from July 17-22, 2010. The location is the school Jose España Cruz in the Colosio on Calle 104, between Av 10 and 15. Intake is between 9AM and Noon daily. They need volunteers, towels, and help spreading the word to bring animals in the area to the clinics. Vidas is a great organization and they need your help.

Limited-release all-inclusive VIP Passes and discounted sampling tickets are now available for Taste of Playa 2010 through advance purchase online at The highly anticipated culinary event will take place November 21 in Playa del Carmen.

Lucy Too's Restaurant in Akumal Pueblo is closed and for sale. Lucy is heading to California's Wine Country and we wish her well!!! She still has dogs for adoption.

Reminder of Lol Ha's summer schedule: Lol Ha Dining Room is closed for Saturday dinner; there is a Saturday breakfast buffet from 7:30 to 11:00 AM.
Evening entertainment: Wednesday - Flamenco dancing; Thursday – Arpason; Friday - Blues & Jazz Band

CEA's latest turtle numbers for this season are:

  • Half Moon Bay - 19 loggerhead nests
  • Akumal Bay - 30 loggerhead nests
  • Jade Beach - 55 loggerhead nests
  • South Akumal - 10 nests
Remember these simple tips to help save the turtles.

July schedule for Yoga in Akumal is on their site. They have a variety of classes for everyone.

As always, we recommend you check out The Akumalian for all the local Akumal news for who is coming, who is going and what has happened each month.

We also recommend you check out the Akumal Security article.

Finally, to learn more about the Akumal Council, visit their Web site at

Hotel Akumal Caribe

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For a limited time Akumal's signature resort is offering a very special deal! Act now and receive a 30% discount on hotel rooms booked for September and October 2010. Visit our specials page for details of this very significant offer. Be sure to mention you heard about it on

Exploring the Sac-Be
magazine cover

Mayan Magic in Calakmul - At 2 am, deep in the jungle of Calakmul, we climb the tallest pyramid of the ancient Maya civilisation. Around us, the calls of a group spider monkeys mingle with the jungle symphony of crickets. Tonight, the full moon is at its brightest — there is no need for flashlights. As we climb the stone stairs, the magic starts to take hold of us...

Dive Tip of the Month
snorkeling with squid

snorkeling with ray

Tip - How to free dive: Ease into this little by little and have a friend close by. I suggest starting in shallow water. Please remember that the ability to dive down does not give you the right to harass sea life.

Before diving down, take 3 or 4 deep breaths. As you do so, look around and make sure no boats are coming. Then take a deep breath and hold it as you put your head down and raise your legs out of the water; the weight of them will help push you down. If you feel pressure in your ears, you may need to equalize them by blowing gently against a pinched nose. Enjoy your time underwater and, when you feel you need to come up, look above you as you head to the surface. Surface with a hand out above your head. About 3 feet before you reach the surface, start exhaling; this will help clear your snorkel for your arrival at the surface. Enjoy! Read Snorkeling or Diving.

Make every dive count when you Dive with Natalie and Ivan.

Of Special Interest
Maya Bees

THE MAYA BEE, XUNAAN-CAB - The Maya bees (or stingless bees) live in the planet's tropical regions. In Mexico they can be located mostly in the southeast area, in the Yucatán Peninsula. Their scientific name is Melipona becheii benetth, and they belong to the family Apidae. As a socially responsible company, Xel-Ha promotes the rescue of a Yucatán Peninsula's ancestral tradition that has been fading over time: the keeping of the Maya bee, also called meliponiculture or stingless beekeeping.


Sac-Be offers free listing of properties along the Riviera Maya. If you would like to have your rental property listed, please complete the form on our owner's page. Or, if you are interested in learning more about other advertising opportunities, please contact us.

Soliman Bay & Tankah

Casa Del Perro Feliz - Tucked into the curve of the bay, Casa del Perro Feliz is a favorite of many visitors to the Tankah area. Tastefully appointed, yet very comfortable, our 3-bedroom, 3 1/2-bath home, located on quiet Tankah Bay in the Mayan Riviera is available for rent to guests who appreciate beauty, quality and nature.

Casa Maravilla - Casa Maravilla (House of Wonder) is a tropical retreat that offers guests their own exclusive and private paradise. Located only minutes from the famous Maya ruins of Tulúm, it is sheltered on the white sands of beautiful Soliman Bay. This recently completed marvel of architecture and comfort includes 4 spacious bedrooms, 4 1/2 baths and over 5000 square feet of fully air-conditioned living space. This luxury villa must be experienced to be believed!

Villa Dolce Vita - Villa Dolce Vita is a true beachfront bed & breakfast with a pool on beautiful, tranquil Soliman Bay. We have 2 guest rooms for rent in a building that is right on the beach and separate from the main house. The rooms are air conditioned, have private bathrooms, private entrances and are equipped with refrigerators.

Advertiser News
Hotel Akumal Caribe

From Hotel Akumal Caribe:

E-mail for special offers for stays through October 31, 2010.

July 2010 - #30

Community News

kindergarten graduation at Akumal Montessori

Otoch Paal Montessori Graduates Its Largest Kindergarten Class Yet! – On July 2, 2010, 15 students graduated from kindergarten at Otoch Paal, their largest graduating class ever, up from five students the previous year. As part of the graduation ceremony, the younger children bring flowers which they give to their friends and classmates.

AK Gym

Paul Sánchez-Navarro, Director of CEA, is busier than ever. He is also the owner of the new AK-Gym in Akumal. Now he is committed not only to improving the health of the area reefs but also of locals and vacationers. The new gym has ProGym Equipment and is open 7:30 to 7:30 Mon.-Fri.; 7:30 to 5:00 Sat.; closed Sun. Cost is $8 USD a day, $30 a week or $40 a month. As Paul reminds everyone, "Don’t forget, natural beauty begins with you; take care of yourself while enjoying the natural world of Akumal." To learn more, you can contact them at

Mexican organic products

Organics in Mexico - Mexico shelters an amazing variety of life but, sadly, more than 1,200 of its species are listed as threatened or endangered. Mexico has the fourth-largest amount of plant and animal species on the planet. Mexico's rich biodiversity can be protected by assuring that its agricultural areas are free from chemicals and are not ecologically altered. One solution is organic farming.


Pet of the Month, honoring both Coco's Cat Rescue and Peanut Pet Shelter, is Elizabeth who came to Coco's Cat Rescue from the Peanut Pet Shelter five months ago with her four new-born babies. Elizabeth was such a good mum that she also adopted two new-born babies that had been thrown in the garbage and another tiny kitten that had been thrown in a garden.

Elizabeth, a one-year old cat, was a fantastic mum caring for all seven babies. All the babies have been re-homed, however it is very difficult to have adult cats adopted here; so far no one has given her the chance she deserves. Elizabeth is a very calm cat and gets on well with other animals. She is also playful and loves cuddles. Elizabeth has been spayed and has had all her vaccines.

Costa Maya Living advertisement

Peanut Pet Shelter needs your help and it only takes a few seconds each day to vote in their Shelter Challenge.

Calendar of Events

November 1-8 - The WaterART certifications will coincide with the Second Annual Women In Wellness. Here is a look at this year's schedule of events. VIP tickets will be available for all events or you can attend part of the week. Contact Just Imagine Vacations for more information.

November 1-8 - The Second Annual Women In Wellness Event is going to be bigger and better this year. Just Imagine Vacations, Inc. is putting the final touches on the schedule. If you are interested in participating as a presenter or workshop leader, please contact Lydia this month. Get a sneak peak of some of the events! Registration is required, via e-mail in advance or in person at Lol-Ha November 1 from 4-7PM. We are encouraging locals to join in, and you should treat yourself to some really fun events. After all, it is low season—relax and do something nice for yourself. Or check it out on Facebook.

November 21 - Second Annual Taste of Playa is scheduled. Mark your calendar; it is going to be delicious.

December 5 and 6 - Extreme Control invites you to the Tulúm Sports Festival! They will have Kite Boarding, Paddle Boarding, Beach Volleyball, Kayaking, music, and a ton of fun!!!!

REMINDER: If you have any events coming up in 2010, please send us the information so we can get it posted on our Events Calendar.

Make your own Special Event any night by having a Romantic Dinner for two on the beach at Lol Ha.

Special Report

CEA posted on Facebook about efforts to move turtles from the oil spill areas. An NPR story reports, "As the oil spill coats Gulf Coast beaches, rescuers are hatching a daring plan to save as many as 70,000 sea turtle eggs from the disaster." And as CEA explained, "It's true it is not an ideal situation, but it is the best chance they have considering the toxic spill. Here in Akumal we used to dig up all the turtle nests and corral them in one place to protect them from tourists. A few years ago, we started leaving them where they were (in situ) and educating the locals and tourists to help protect them. But we still do move nests on rare occasion if they are in immediate danger. As mentioned, the hatch rate IS better in situ, but in this case it is more dangerous to leave them where they are." Read more at

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