La Lunita

by Lydia Linton Pontius (May 2014)

Alex, Paul and I decided to have a night out at La Lunita during my visit last November. It was a gorgeous night and we were able to eat al fresco with a moonlit night and the sounds of the bay lapping nearby. This restaurant is located toward the north end of Half Moon Bay and the setting is great. When I first came to Akumal in 1999 we stayed at Hacienda de la Tortuga and La Lunita was a tiny, casual restaurant on the beach. They have expanded it and turned it into a very European, classy restaurant.

When Matt and Lisa were on their honeymoon, Lisa, who is a chef, came home raving about their meals. I had not been in a while so I wanted to try it again.

Alex started with a Caesar salad that was fresh and beautifully presented. I chose the roasted poblano soup (see video), which was poured at the table over baby corn and roasted poblano pepper strips. The soup may have been one of the best I have ever had. Paul ordered the lobster tacos which were wonderful and Alex had the lobster ravioli; she would have liked the lobster to be a bit more evident. After discussing with the waiter what I should try, I ordered a fish dish that was not even listed on the menu but the way the waiter described it, I couldn't resist.

My evening was wonderful and things were cooked to perfection. We finished it off with fresh sorbet, chocolate mousse and, of course, a Mexican coffee. Though Alex wasn't impressed with her mousse presentation, which had it floating in some kind of cream sauce with coconut, and was disappointed that the bar was out of her favorite Xtabentun, a substituted good port helped the evening end well for her.

La Lunita is a wonderful little gem which has grown up over the years, gotten better, and is certainly worth visiting.

La Lunita

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