La Playa at Xpu-Ha Beach

Xpu Ha beach
By Dani Knod

Where do the locals go to the beach? With so many sandy spots to choose from, what sets any one beach apart enough to declare it a ‘favorite’ for a person who lives in paradise? For me, I sometimes look for privacy, other times its waves or wind I seek, and occasionally it all boils down to the facilities offered at that particular strip of sand that attracts my attention. Sac-Be is featuring one of these ‘well-equipped’ get-away sites as our recommended beach escape, Xpu Ha.

Meaning “Where the Water Is Born” in Mayan, the bay of Xpu Ha is capped on each side by the all-inclusive resorts, Xpu Ha Palace and Club Maeva (formerly the Robinson Club). However, the middle of this powdery beach is dotted with palms, a few private residences, and a couple of small hotels and restaurants. La Playa is a restaurant and beach club that has won the hearts of many locals seeking a Sunday refuge away from it all. Offering excellent cuisine, ice-cold beer buckets, an array of beach chairs and tables, and even fresh water showers, La Playa invites all to enjoy the sun and sand of Xpu Ha with comfort and excellent service.

Xpu Ha beach
Voted one of the top three most beautiful beaches on the coast last year, Xpu-Ha’s softly sloping entrance into the turquoise waters of the Caribbean makes it ideal for tots to teens and beyond. The barrier reef provides calm waters within the bay for outstanding snorkeling as well as for extreme sports like kite boarding and windsurfing. Sitting in a beach chair, munching on some shrimp ceviche, one can enjoy - first hand – some of the area’s finest extreme athletes soaring across the surface of the water at amazing speeds!

Xpu Ha is a large bay located between Akumal and Puerto Aventuras, and the entrance road to La Playa is very well marked with a bright orange sign. Simply turn off the highway and proceed down the sandy dirt road for an afternoon of sun, fun, food, and drink at La Playa!