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Lily Espinosa

Lily Espinosa

I was born many (well, not so many) years ago in Mexico City. My mother's family side is from Totontepec, Oaxaca and my father's family side is from Piedras Negras, Coahuila. They got married after seven days of knowing each other! My first memories are mixed with traditional music, flavors, the smell of spices: clove, cinnamon, roasted chiles … and the family gathering in the kitchen, laughing and sharing stories. I was always glued to my grandmother Meya, a very strong woman who, after being widowed, walked with my mother and my three aunts for four days through the mountains, to leave her little town of Totontepec to get to Oaxaca, looking for a better life and opportunities. She shared with me our family cooking heritage.

I arrived to the Yucatán 20 years ago, where I've learned the Maya cuisine with my neighbors and friends. I have two children, Alex and Lupita. Lupita LOVES to cook and Alex LOVES to eat, so they are the perfect combination! I believe food is an edible way of love; that´s why I love cooking!

I enjoy sharing my heritage of Traditional Mexican Cuisine: the cooking, as well as the secrets, legends and stories with my students. I want to preserve and spread Mexican traditions all over the world. I hope you enjoy it too, try them and share your experiences with us. Any comment or question, I will be glad to help you. ˇBuen provecho!

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