Love the Food When in the Yucatan

by Sherry Sullivan  (May 2013)

Love the food!

When you travel in the Yucatan, you will experience wonderful, inexpensive meals if you follow the locals! Be adventurous and you will be rewarded with flavorful food from the land and the sea. Be on the lookout for small carts on the side of the road, where workers mill about and line up for tacos and tortas (sandwiches), hot foods and cold drinks. Seek out restaurants on side streets of popular towns like Playa del Carmen or Tulum and look for places filled with brown faces and satisfied smiles. These places will not be fancy, but feature real home-cooked food, often made with different cuts of meats or types of cheeses you have never eaten, such as beef tongue or asadero cheese.

Do visit a market or produce store and wonder at five kinds of mangoes, a multitude of peppers and chiles, both dried and fresh, and many items you may not recognize such as: yucca, jicama, cactus leaves, and squashes of every description.

If you are lucky enough to have rented a condo or villa and have a kitchen, pick up some homemade tortillas at the tortilleria. Sauté some vegetables, fold in some cheese, and your quesadilla is ready to wrap and take to the beach!

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