Mahahualenas Group Is Gearing Up for Christmas

by Laurie & Kelly, Sarita, and the Mahahualeñas Group  (2012)

A Party/Silent Auction was held on November 25 at Fernando's to raise money for the Kid's Christmas Party and other events in the community. Details here. Over 70,000 pesos were raised for the community! The professional auctioneer really helped but the best part was the large number of donations from businesses in town. Many people bid from afar but the real fun was the gathering at 100% Agave for the live action.

Sarita and I have agreed to help out the Mahahualeñas Group with the planning of the Children's Christmas Party and would greatly appreciate any input/help that any of you would be able/willing to offer. Let's make this a team effort!!

Last year there were an estimated 400 children who attended the Christmas Party. A great time was had by all! There is a lot of planning and preparation required to make this event come together and so I thought I'd send out a letter at this time to see if we can get a jump start on preparations, as many items which help to make the Christmas Party such a success are difficult (or very expensive) to find in Mexico. In the past some folks were able to bring some of the items with them from other parts of the world, so hopefully that will be possible again this year. There have been several donations made already and the toy count is looking great. Here is a list of what is required for toys, etc., at this time:

20 Gifts for girls and boys – Grade 2

15 Gifts for girls and boys – Grade 3
15 Gifts for boys and girls – Grade 4

30 Gifts for boys and girls  – Grades 7 to 9

100 glow sticks
400 candy canes
10 Santa hats (or elf hats)
Cordless Microphone – I know, this one is more of a dream item but I thought if I put it on the list, who knows–maybe it will happen!!

Please feel free to be creative and offer any suggestions for additions/changes to the Children's Christmas Party that you feel would be of benefit. New ideas are GREATLY appreciated. To see more about the Christmas party—there are some great videos on if you search Mahahual Christmas!

Kelly and I will be returning to Mahahual on October 16. Please contact us at or

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you all soon!