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Marti Johnston

Marti Johnston

Marti Johnston, M.F.A. Mills College, received her yoga teaching certificate from the Nosara Institute in Costa Rica in 2005. With close to 30 years working in the field of dance, including advanced studies in dance therapy, with yoga she has found the system and science to further define her investigations of embodiment. The big questions are: How do we live with a balance of spirit and mind contained by the body vessel, being informed and guided by the body; and How does the healing of our body/spirit/mind help facilitate the healing of Mama Earth? With an interdisciplinary approach, she teaches yoga as the facilitator for the transformative process of self-acceptance and self-knowledge, creating a living metaphor for new paradigms of wholeness and interconnection. Through vinyasa and flow, through deep restorative, and centering practices, the breadth of yoga is explored.

photo by Tom Martin

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