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Seasonal Events
2008 Turtle Season is Here

According to CEA the 2008 Nesting Season has begun in Akumal. We all hope this will be a very successful nesting season and invite you to join CEA in managing the beaches so each nesting mother can come ashore and find a great place to dig a hole and leave her eggs, and then safely make it back to sea. Stay posted throughout the season to see updated numbers on nests and hatchlings in Akumal.

Local News
Reported by The Akumalian

Akumal Council Meeting - May 15th at the New Akumal Council Office above the old Fidecaribe building, at 10:00 there will be a meeting about the new municipality. June 27, 2008 at the same location there will be a General Assembly Meeting at 10:00.

Highway 307 is being resurfaced up near the Cancun Airport - expect delays. And, there's a new Akumal street sign on the Ocean side where the new development Akumal Point is between Aventuras Akumal and South Akumal.

Of Special Interest
Traveling With Children: Merida and the State of Yucatan

(courtesy of Yucatan Living) - Your children are safe traveling in Yucatan. Tourists, almost everywhere else in the world, fear a myriad of terrifying tourist-related crimes. Thankfully, none of that exists in Yucatan, so parents can relax and watch their children actually enjoy their vacation.

Local Recipes from Steve O

We came upon these wonderful recipes on Bill-in-Tulsa's Message board. We will be adding one a month. This month's recipe is for homemade tomales.

Unexpected Moments in the Yucatan - Suddenly we heard a volley of gunshots that seemed to come from the other side of the parque. We watched as a line of people came into view across the way, Mayan folk in traditional garb, many holding colorful banners that waved in the light tropical breeze...

Reflections on Living in a Mayan Pueblo

As I sway back and forth in the hammock strung over the cenote-style swimming pool, I think of the day, only four years ago, that we finished building our house in Macario Gomez.


Sac-be offers free listing of properties along the Riviera Maya. If you would like to have your rental property listed please complete the form on our owner's page. Or, if you are interested in learning more about other advertising opportunities please contact us. The following vacation rental properties were recently listed:

in Akumal

La Bahia #3 - Enjoy 180 degree ocean views from the three walls of windows in the living room with open floor plan and breath-taking views of Half Moon Bay Akumal.

in Mahahual

Balamku Inn - is committed to providing comfort and quality services using the resources of nature without abusing the environment. We believe that we have an obligation to protect the environment and reduce the impact of tourism by using eco-efficient energy, water systems, and waste management practices to preserve the fragile environment of a coastal resort.

May 2008  

Community News


Congratulations to Paul Sanchez-Navarro, Director of CEA, who was interviewed in the series Strange Days on Planet Earth, which aired on PBS.

What is Montessori Preschool? Part 2

"The psychological study of children in the first years of life opens our eyes to their wonders—which can leave a profound impression on the person who sees it, with understanding, for the first time. Our job as adults does not consist of teaching so much as helping the child to become interested in his own development."
- Maria Montessori

Community Service Opportunities While on Vacation

The Hekab Be Library runs a very important after school and summer program for kids needing extra help in school work. This program also helps keep kids off the street. It provides them with academic support in areas that they need extra help with, and also a safe place to play and interact with other children.

Yal-Ku, North Akumal and CEA working together

Yal Ku Lagoon is a gem to be treasured with a vibrant eco-system supporting a wide variety of tropical fish, coral, and plants. Many of the owners are doing their part to see that the lagoon area is protected so that it will remain viable for generations to come. They are working closely with CEA (the Akumal Ecological Center).

Hotel Akumal Caribe Goes Green

From the General Manager: "Our Municipality does not have the resources or facilities to process that trash properly, so we have start to eliminate the products that are most damaging , like straws, food containers, cups to go, bleach, cleaning chemicals, or any kind of chemicals that are not biodegradable."

Puerto Aventuras
Friends of Puerto Aventuras (FOPA)

As the Riviera Maya has developed into Mexico ’s premier tourist destination, employment has become more competitive and the skills and knowledge necessary to get a job, including English and computer skills, have increased. In response to these challenges, F.O.P.A. has been offering educational and vocational programs and opportunities for children and adults in Puerto Aventuras since 1999.

Playa del Carmen

"We were, of course, in total agreement before we left for Mexico. We love the Peanut Pet Shelter. We admire Andy and Jen more than we can ever put into words for their passion to help the less fortunate animals in Playa del Carmen. But, we already have two large dogs, and can't fit a third into our life right now. Really hard to walk three dogs on leash when you only have two hands..." Then came Tasha.

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