Meet Gerardo H. Dominguez

July 2008

Gerardo Dominguez, CEA Friend and Akumalian, originally from Argentina, will be running the Buenos Aires Marathon this October, and has generously offered to use this event to fundraise for CEA. He proposes to help raise money to buy a weather station for our lab. The goal is to raise $2000 USD for the weather station equipment and computer.

We interviewed Gerardo and learned some interesting things about this multi-talented man. Many of us first met Gerardo when he was the General Manager at Lol-Ha Restaurant.

How long have you lived in Akumal?
I´ve moved to Akumal in Nov. 2003 to run the Lol-ha Restaurant and the Snack Bar.

Have you ever done a marathon before?
I´ve never run a marathon before. When I was 18, I ran a 10K race in my hometown to pass the gym class, which I had skipped consistently. At the time I was pretty athletic, though. I was in a local rugby team, training 3 times a week and playing on weekends.

What made you decide to do this particular Marathon?
Working in Hotels for 14 years like I did, helped me develop an increasing interest of all things food. I had basically gained a lot of weight, I was smoking almost a pack a day, and my lifestyle was incredibly sedentary. One day I woke up, went to the mirror and I just couldn’t recognize my self in it. I knew I was not that person, and that very day, Nov 3rd 2007 I quit smoking and started to do morning walks from Akumal Bay to Yal-ku Lagoon. I’ve found I couldn’t catch my breath. And I was just walking! The next week, I saw a piece on an Argentine paper about the Buenos Aires Marathon and particularly about a local 43 year old celebrity who runs it every year. He is a former overweight person. And that was it. Even though I never liked his work on TV, he served as an inspiration for me. On the other hand, the prospect of running the streets of the capital of my country, streets that I know so well, is the most exiting.

How have you trained and prepared for it?
My cousin, Gustavo Cisa, is the head Gym Coach at a very important high school in Argentina. He is also a climber and very active sportsman. He got very exited with the news, and might even consider running with me. He gave me the first insights.

He also put me in contact with one of the teachers at the school, who is does triathlons, who is supervising my training.

When you are not training for your marathon what do you do?
I work from 9 to 6 at the Akumal Real Estate Office in the entrance of Akumal. And spend time with my friends in Playa del Carmen, a group of very supportive Argentinians.

What made you decide to turn your marathon entry into a fundraiser for CEA?
That was a very weird thing. Somebody told me that Oprah calls it an 'A HA' moment, or something like that. I went to bed one day, and when I was putting my head on the pillow it came to me, the idea of people pledging to donate if I run. I though it was a great idea because it would increase my commitment to know that I will not be running just for me, and that every step of my race is another dollar for a good cause. I checked with CEA director Paul Sanchez Navarro, who is a good friend, and we discussed different alternatives. I wanted this to be for a specific goal, something that people can see, and we settled on the weather station. It is a terrific and incredibly valuable tool for researchers, and to help us know more about our environment.

What advice do you have for others who may be thinking about doing a marathon?
Try to do it within you own hemisphere! Training in the summer is very complicated, and exhausting. But if you are looking for an experience of a lifetime that gives you the pleasure of achievement and accomplishment that doesn’t include getting pregnant, racing in NASCAR or diving with white sharks this is for you!

What is something that people may not know about you?
Why spoil the mystery?

If you would like to participate by pledging to Gerardo's Marathon Run for CEA's Weather Station, please click here!

Contact Gerardo directly if you have any questions about the Marathon or Real Estate in the Riviera Maya.

Photo Courtesy of Judy Withington.

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