Meet Martha Alicia Chavez May 2009

By Sandy Bartosh

#1 Female Author in Mexico Today.

On a chilly January night in 2000, a very busy mother and psychotherapist, Martha Alicia Chavez had a dream. In this dream, she was on a beautiful beach somewhere in the world writing a book. Upon awakening, she realized that this dream could become a reality and she started organizing her life.

The excited and anxious, Ms Chavez took time off from her professional practice in Guadalajara and traveled to Barra Navidad for 4 months to make her dream come true. She walked up and down the beach for days looking for the perfect location to settle in for the next few months.

In that quaint little town on a beach, “your child, your mirror' wa sa born.

Four months later Ms Chavez returned home to Guadalajara, her family, practice and her desire to find a publisher to publish her dream.

Determination not to accept no for an answer and after almost 2 years of knocking on publisher's doors, her book was published by Random House Mondadori and it immediately became a huge success. “Your child, Your Mirror” was the #1 best selling book in Mexico for almost a year. And it still is on the top 10 list today.

Four more books followed and Ms Chavez's 6th book “Advice for Divorced Parents” will be on the bookshelves in June 2009.

Martha Alicia Chavez is considered an expert in subjext relating to parenting and family relationships. Many health professionals use her books as a reference for their practice and do workshops based on them.

Universitites and Educational Institutions have many of her books in their libraries.

She is enchanting, spiritual, enriched in culture and education and has blessed those of us who have been fortunate enough to know her.  

Two years ago, Ms Chavez fell in love with the Mayan Riviera and all of its natural beauty in our little paradise on earth here and decided to make it her home.

When she is not writing, teaching, lecturing, leading workshops, holding and loving her 1 month old grandson, you might be lucky neough to catch her snorkeling in the Akumal Bay.

Ms. Chavez has a daughter, Marcia; son, Francisco and a grandson, Luca.

You will find all her books in the Frida Kahlo Library in Akumal.

For more information about her go to her website.  

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